Monday, 25 June 2012

First, choose your subject!

 Having just finished Life 4, I thought I'd give myself a fortnight off before starting the next piece. Not to do anything rash, like have a holiday, or slob out for a few days; oh no, I mean to have a couple of weeks just playing around with printing and dyeing to see what happens.

I'm a great fan, as you know, of DMTV (Linda and Laura Kemshall's on line videos of techniques and ideas)
 There is no affiliation, but a genuine admiration for what they achieve.  I really enjoy spending time with them in their studio!!

Anyhoo, I've decided to follow their recommendation, and build a quantity of "stuff" relating to a particular theme of my choice.

And there's the rub!  The hardest thing is choosing the theme.

Above is one of my coffee table specials.  I collect little things of interest to display under glass in my coffee table, and this little chap comes all the way from Oz.  I especially like the shape of scarabs, and can see great potential for colouring etc. However, Laura has already done something similar with beetles and I don't want to end up copying!!

 So I went for a walk in the garden to see if anything there inspired me.  Ferns are a possibility.  Lovely shapes.

I also have a love affair with hogweed and the shapes of this flower on the left are similar.  But I need to get away from hogweed for a while, not least because it seems such a popular shape amongst quilters!
 I looked in the fish pond and saw all these fish on the right.  (No I didn't, I'm pulling your leg)  Our goldfish died 3 weeks ago, after 25 years of dedicated service. We think the magpies took it. It was left skewered at the side of the pond. One of my DD;s won it at the fairground and unusually it survived everything life threw at it, until then.

But fish have an interesting shape don't they? Lots of potential for playing around.
 As do dragonflies.  As you can see all the following photos are from a nature book of English wildlife, although we do get some odd things in the garden, we don't have masses.

I jumped a mile last year on discovering a grass snake slivering towards me at speed. We also have kingfishers, nuthatches, newts, frogs and toads (or we did have before the snake moved in) Not massively exciting I suppose, but we are in the middle of a town, so find it delightful.
Back to beetles again, but I love their shapes.
And finally limpets and snaily type things.

I'm torn between the fish, dragonfly and limpet, but you'll have to tune in again to see which one makes it!

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  1. Your post sure hit home! My mind can't settle on one theme, so to speak! Butterfly's and birds have been the one theme that does occur in my work but then I flit to another one!! Can't wait to see what you decide upon!! I look forward each week to the Kemshall's video updates! They are the best!