Saturday, 16 June 2012

First coat of paint on Life 4

Life Story 4 "Hello dear, what did you do today?"

I'm a bit reluctant to show you this as it's the first coat of paint and the balance isn't anywhere near right yet!

At the moment everything is competing with everything else for your attention.

I've blocked in the basic colours but will now have to bring the body to the fore and make the background slip away. I might do this by heightening the colours of the things I want in front, or I might just give a wash of, perhaps grey, to take everything else back a bit.

Lots of detail to do on just about everything;  I'm looking forward to tackling the plate of biscuits under the table!


  1. Looking so good Annabel - + I love the colours as is ... but then I do like a bit of competition for attention as we know. The body is so much lighter and so dramatic I don't think she can fail to hold centre stage. I shall look forward to seeing what you do ... H xx

  2. I wish I could do that as good as you do. Amazing!

  3. Great Start! I think the figure and foreground are working well. I wonder about darkening the books at the back rather than greying them ? At the moment they're a similar pale tone to the figure.
    I'm always amazed how differently paints dry (even if they're supposed not to change)

  4. This is such a stunning image. It makes my heart sing when I see it, and each time my heart sings a bit louder. It is the quirkyness of the image I think. The biscuits under the table, the fluffy slippers, the comforting library of books - and the quilter in the buff!! Where will it be hung when it is finished?

  5. Thanks everyone. It's quilt number 3 for a quilt art exhibition in October at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. The exhibition is called "Through our Hands" and features, Laura and Linda Kemshall, Bethan Ash, Sandra Meech, Elizabeth Brimelow, Alicia Merrett, Eszter Bornemisza, Dijanne Cevaal, and Elizabeth Barton. Dates are on the links at the side but start in October and goes on until Jan 2013. Love to see anyone who comes along - leave me a message and we'll meet up.