Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy Jubilee and a bit of sketching

I hope everyone who wanted to, had a wonderful
celebration and didn't get too wet in what must have been one of the most dire June weekends for weather in recent history.  Non stop rain and so cold.  We had a wonderful time chez Rainbow and sank many bottles of champers. I confess to being a bit merry. Apparently I sang. Great stuff.

I noticed that I haven't blogged for a few days and hope you'll forgive me being so tardy, but I've had such a lot of stuff to do with the guerrilla gardening lark. 

However, I did spare a couple of hours this morning for a spot of sketching.  I used an 8b pencil which was very interesting and I loved the really dark darks I was able to get.  I timed out, or would have done a lot more smoothing and blending to take away some of the hard edges.  Still at least I've got something done!!  Back to normal in a couple of days I hope.


  1. Dear Annabel - you put the rest of us partying Brits to shame. Back into the zone only a day after the Jubilee weekend celebrations - how do you do it? Anyway, sketching apples is all very well but my challenge to you today is to come clean about the guerrilla gardening stuff! I want everyone to know your secret.

  2. Bless you Laura! OK I will come clean and tell everyone why I've been rather distracted recently. I shall post just as soon as I've had a cuppa. (Just got back from Stratford and got caught in a downpour of epic proportions - I feel rather soggy)