Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sewing a sewing machine and giggling.

I painted the sewing machine on this quilt last week, and I kept looking at it.  Something wasn't right. Eventually I unpicked it, re-sewed, and then painted it.  It still wasn't right, so I went through the whole process again - and ended up re-sewing 3 times before I was happy!!!   Lots of pencil marks put on and rubbed out, lots of holes to disguise; I just couldn't see where I was going wrong. A bit more paint and I'm there with it I think.

I've had a funny day.  It was our 38th wedding anniversary today and, dear reader, I'm ashamed to say I forgot. DH bought me a lovely card and a very special mug which made me feel ashamed and small.  So while he was in the shower I thought I'd be clever and nip to the shops and buy a special bottle of whisky, getting back before he knew any different.  But although I ran most of the way, I was doomed to failure; Smiths couldn't find an envelope to go with my anniversary card, and the lady in the grog shop forgot to take off the security tag and I was caught running from the shop whilst alarms were going off. More haste less speed.

We had a lovely lunch, at Compton Verney Art Gallery, and then went to collect the tiles for the new bathroom  (which are piled up in my studio, and putting me off doing anything!) So why the giggling?

Well, full as we were DH - who has hollow legs - was hungry when he got home and decided to have some pate on toast.  I was in the living room with a cuppa when he walked in and took the metal tape measure out of the drawer.  A couple of minutes afterwards I followed him into the kitchen to return my cup, and found him measuring out the pate with the steel ruler.
"What on earth are you doing" I asked.
"Measuring the pate" he said as if I was daft.
"But why?"
"Because the back of the packet says 1 serving is 50gms, which is a fifth of the packet"

Well, seeing someone measuring pate with a steel ruler before cutting off a slab, is deep down, stomach wobblingly funny, and is why I've spent at least the last hour giggling!

We don't eat pizza in our house; no one can do the maths.


  1. Running from the off licence, whiskey in hand and all before breakfast! Happy Anniversary to you both. The quilt's looking wonderful by the way....Laura x

  2. Happy Anniversary Annabel. Glad you've had a happy day :)