Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Stitching finished - next step is to paint

 I've finished stitching, except for two book titles which I just can't decide about. (I've recently discovered our Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, whose book you see below. It's called The Worlds Wife, and is perceptive and funny.)

The trickiest part of the sewing on this quilt, Life 4, was the quilt within the quilt, you see pictured in the photo on the right.

What you can see stitched, is Life 2, which is draped over my sewing extension table and over my lady's knees.  Getting the flow of curves right to show this was tricky and I put it off until last as I wasn't sure quite how to tackle it.  I think it does look as if it's got movement, which is the wonderous thing about the "washboard" free machining - it can be used to show direction very effectively.  I love it. It's my fave pattern. 


  1. Im sorry, I can't quite get that! The quilt is flat right? But it looks as if it's curving over your table. Thats soooo clever. How do you know what to do and where to put the lines. Amazing. Colin from your old art group.

  2. Hello Colin. Yes the quilt is absolutely flat I promise you!! You can just see some dark smudges and they are there to give me an idea where to put my bends and curves. There's lots of pencil marks too which I hope will be covered with the paint. Thank you though, I'm really pleased to have "tricked" you eye :)

  3. Indeed, the quilting does make the quilt look like it is draping over the edge of the table - very good job! Very 3-d!

  4. Hello Annabel - this continues to be a stunning quilt! I just love it.