Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Well, it's a start!

You have a plan. It's all set for go. Then Life seems to get in the way!!  Not that I'm complaining or anything, as it's all good stuff.

 The guerrillering has taken off a bit just lately and for the last couple of days, I've been at the computer answering emails and grabbing the saw and secateurs to rush out and do stuff.

 Today I have the lovely task of showing the park and it's plants off to tiny people from a local school.  They want to come and draw, and eat biscuits, and learn about insects.  I shall take my sketchbook too and join them although probably better stay away from the biccies.

Back to the big plan for the next fortnight in textile land.  I did manage to tidy up the studio a bit, which is always a good start. I do like to clear the decks between projects, and stuff everything back into a variety of cupboards.
 This is the view that is my backdrop.  Usually the door is wide open in the summer, but we've had so much rain lately, that I've forgotten what it's like to sit  and work in the fresh air.
 I decided to start with dragonflies. After downloading some images from google and a couple of pages from wikipedia (not only useful information, but to cut up and stick in my sketchbook for backgrounds) I began work on a new altered book.

They are a brilliant way of collecting useful bits in one place, and for me, just jotting things down as they occur.  I'm not trying to make anything spectacular or beautiful, just playing with whatever comes to mind.
 The pages of a book make a better base if they are stuck together or in my case, because I was in a hurry, sewn in threes or fours with the sewing machine.
 A bit of doodling. Already I can see a problem with my choice - legs!  They are so thin and long that cutting and sticking is going to be a problem.
 Preparing the pages of the book with gesso and/or gel medium.  You need to do this to stop the paper absorbing all your paint straight away.  You get much more texture and exciting paint effects if you do this.
 Watery paint in several dragonfly shades painted onto the page.  I then went over it all with a layer of white acrylic to intensify the contrast, as the dragonflies are small and were getting lost in all that vibrancy.
 Why not tell people what you're doing?!! Spell it out.

I found some interesting interference acrylic in my stash. This is the blue one on top of blue dye paint.      Also there is some hand stitching with a metallic thread, but it doesn't show up very well.  I was after a shimmer.

Below, a bit of splodging with a sponge square, and some sticking of some bits left over from an old quilt in the corner. (It's not fabric btw, but scrumpled brown paper, gessoed, gelled, painted, and then waxed)

I put a bit of wax on the wing to bring in another colour. Voila, I have deep strong blue and bronze.  Now there's a combination I didn't plan but like a lot. That's some success isn't it!

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