Saturday, 7 July 2012

Keys, and lovely, lovely, presents!

On a posting of a few weeks ago, I said........

"This is the only interesting key I have (plenty of Yale and boring double glazing keys of course) and it's in my collection of small and interesting things."

I wanted to hang it on a shelf to symbolise the key to my heart.  But in the end, I didn't go with that idea, and just put it in front of a book I keep dipping into, about Hockney. A very useful source of inspiration and ideas....perhaps unlocking something creative for me.

So imagine my surprize a couple of days ago, when a nicely stuffed envelope plopped onto the pile of dust sheets and rubble being marched in by builders during the wet weather. the front door mat.

Inside was this lovely card with details of "Tiptoe Tulips" by Edwina Mackinnon


This lovely little key with a black ribbon bow.

Someone had read about me being a bit short of keys and so sent me this one to add to my collection ..... of one!

Please note the nice white studio walls and the very sophisticated hanging system I have.


(that's not all)

there was this gorgeous fat quarter of fabric with keys all over it.

You can probably guess where they came from by now, even if you didn't click on the link, because you might recognise the fabric.

If you don't, and want to find out more, it - and many others - are available to buy here

One of the lovely things about Laura's fabric is the finish she gets on it; it's lovely and soft and smooth, and it's smells divine!

I think there's a DMTV programme about repeat patterning this week, featuring keys, but I haven't tuned into it yet ...I shall indulge myself tomorrow afternoon whilst the rest of the world watches tennis!

Thank you Laura, it was a lovely surprize!!

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