Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Thinking about where to go next

Well, we're still sans bathroom.  No loo, no sink, no shower, no bath, but this morning we appear to have tiles stuck to walls. Progress!!

So, I still can't paint or use my machines as there just isn't room.  I have however managed to do some hand sewing. Nothing massively exciting I'm afraid, just attaching a bit of extra wadding and fabric so that I can make a frame for Life 4.

I hate squaring up.  I don't always have a finished size in mind for a quilt and tend to let them grow if they need to.  I sew over where I imagine the edges will be, just so there's no blank bits, but then I hate cutting them off. They're my friends!!

I'm putting frames on all the Life quilts as it focuses the viewer's attention on what's going on. At the moment, they all have the same dark brown for uniformity.

Whilst I was sitting around doing nothing much, I began to think about the next two Orientation quilts.  In my last posting I mentioned one would be a still life, but that got me thinking.

Does a still life have to be just objects on a table etc., or can people be "still".

Every picture of course is a captured moment - there is no movement so essentially figurative work is all still, but I wanted to find a way to convey stillness to go alongside my pots and flowers.

I trawled through one of my favourite books about Hockney.
These gems have inspired me.  I shall do a meditating person sitting on the floor in front of an open window, in which you will be able to see the palace at Kyoto (not a representation of Hockney's work I hasten to add. I've managed to find a photo)

There will be a low table with a vase of flowers.

That's my thoughts of yesterday anyway.  It might change a bit but "Still Life" will be Life Quilt number 6.
Life Quilt number 5 is still going to be about Geisha and tea ceremonies, and will be called "Shall I Be Mother"

The fabric Laura printed for me will now be Life 7 and will be called Fighting Back. (about angst, depression etc - need to do more research on this one!)

I was going to stop when I got to Life Quilt number 10, but I may go on and on and on and on!!  Things just keep popping into my head so I might keep going until I run out of ideas.

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  1. Squaring up......hmmm, another technical term along with 'blocking' that doesn't register in my quilt manual lol I'm amazed that any of my pieces are ever anywhere near square, I'm sure it's more by luck than judgement :-) I quite like all the bits that get cut of the sides when I do finish a piece off, little memories of a larger project and I have been known to incorporate them into another project.

    I like your ruminating on a still life I'm sure you can reason that a figure can be very still and add to a composition. I shall look forward to seeing how you progress.