Sunday, 19 August 2012

Exhibtion of SixandFriends coming soon!

SixandFriends Exhibition is happening very soon!!

Read all about the museum here,
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Time is flying past, and I'm going off-blog for a few days, so wanted to leave you with the details.  There will be a "Meet The Artist" on Saturday 8th September between 1 and 3pm.  Do come if you can! It would be lovely to see you :)

From the Needle Museum's website:

Fri 7 Sep to Sun 21 Oct 2012
This year for our textile exhibition we thought it would be fun to set a bit of a challenge to our friends Linda and Laura Kemshall. We asked them "Could they create a new exhibition that would complement our Last Samurai exhibition? Could they produce a quilt exhibition that was totally inspired by the rich and exquisite culture of the Far East? Would they have enough time to research the techniques, delicate patterns, intricate symbols and motifs used in oriental textile work? And put it all together?"

"Yes!" they said, "we can do it! But we might need a little help from our friends."
So they have invited Hilary Beattie, Ineke Berlyn, Edwina Mackinnon, Catherine Nicholls, Annabel Rainbow, Stephanie Redfern and Marie Roper to join with them on this exciting and challenging quilt journey.

You can follow their progress on their blog  as well as Linda and Laura's own website .

There are workshops and demonstrations to accompany the exhibition.

Orientation Textile Exhibition

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