Monday, 13 August 2012


Last week I decided to have a clearout of the old linens in the airing cupboard. We've got a new boiler and it's taking up space where the linens used to be and I needed to trim down the stock!

I had two similar patchwork quilts; (you've seen them in the Life Series of quilts - blue, pink, and cream) a single, and a double.  4 days ago, I decided to take the double down to the charity shop thinking I'd still have the single. But when I came to look for it yesterday, to put in Life 5 it wasn't to be seen. I spent two hours hunting high and low; I even turned the shed out. Then I remembered, I'd had a similar clear out about 6 months ago and obviously had the same idea and got rid of the single, keeping the double.  This left me with NO QUILTS at all. Oh crikey. I'm such a plum.

Fortunately after a good scouring of the unfinished pile heap, I came across an old Wedding Ring quilt top that somehow never got finished, and I've managed to use that instead, so the expense of buying a new quilt or making one, has been avoided.  It's also very appropriate given the theme of Life 5!

So the long process of piecing a quilt top together has started.  I think this is going to be quite difficult - which will mean that I'll probably enjoy it!


  1. Hi Annabel, I´m a student of Linda and Laura. If you ever need another quilt for Life 6 or so don´t hesitate to ask me, I would be glad to send you one of mine. I would be honoured to find a quilt of mine in one of your LIFE work! Best wishes, Gila Bunth
    I´ll be at the FoQ this weekend and see L and L there

  2. hello Gila! I've sent a personal reply but thought I'd just say it again here. It's really kind of you and I'm really touched, thank you :)