Saturday, 11 August 2012

Life 5 begins (Shall I Be Mother?)

There's been a bit of a delay in things quilty at chez Rainbow because of visitors, and gardening, and the countless little hiccups that make up my days. This just won't do! I have quilts to make.

However, I had some time to myself today and decided to get cracking on another piece for the Orientation exhibition.  Now, you have to look carefully, but you can just see the outline of my model. (That outstretched hand will have a teapot in it.)

And here's a close up of the face.  Still doing the hair.  I haven't decided whether to make it messy or to give it a bit of a Japanese look with manicured perfection and lots of combs and pretty things in it.  Perhaps I will put some chopsticks through the bun at the back (my DD's used to use chopsticks to hold their hair in place when they were younger - it was a bit of a thing - that and knitting needles)

I haven't worked out what to say on the body yet; one option being a bit about the life of a geisha and the restrictions necessary (ie not having children) I've got masses of reading material but haven't written anything yet - best get cracking as I like to do the text before I work out the rest of the picture.