Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Painted quilts need their own place

Just a quickie as I have to rush off today and won't be back for a bit, but it occurred to me, following previous postings and FB comments, that maybe painted quilts now need their own category at shows.  The idea of an Art Quilt, Pictorial Quilt, etc cover the basics but don't allow for proper judging.

If there was a Painted Quilt section, then quilts that are painted, would be judged fairly and by specialists in painting perhaps.  Just a thought.  Comment/email/facebook/ etc if you think it's a good idea - even if you don't paint!

I'm planning on asking Twisted Thread about it, and even if it doesn't get anywhere, it would be interesting for me to hear your views. I think this would be something new and untried, certainly at foq, but it would make me happy for one!!


  1. As someone who's textile work is almost entirely painting based, this would definitely appeal to me :) I think it's a great idea.

  2. Sounds like a sensible idea but I fear it would end up being judged by the "accredited quilt judges" on the basis of neatness and so on ... (can you tell I have just had my judging slips back?)

  3. Sounds good to me and maybe it would liven things up at FOQ. I think Sandra's right though, it would need a different attitude from the judges.

  4. At IQA Houston they have a Painted Surface category as one of the ART sections. It is great comparing apples to apples.Otherwise the judge may have a check list that asks how good is the applique, the borders, the blocks, the piecing etc. I have been quilting for 9 years and entering Houston and have won 8 awards in 5 years....in the Painted Surface. so check it out. Also the censorship issue you discussed....I dont think aussie magazines would have an issue...your pieces are beautiful but in no way erotic or confronting...just honest and real.I love them

  5. I love them too.Very,very much!!

  6. Thanks everyone, that's a great help (and thank you also for your very kind comments) There are a couple of FB threads going on alongside this one too about the same thing. I also heard that a couple of gents in suits were touring the show asking questions of visitors and finding out how people felt. Maybe now is a good time.


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