Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ticking over

I had a new life model come around last week to do a few yoga poses for me for "Still Life."

I'm not entirely sure I've managed to get what I need yet, and am going to do Life 5 "Shall I Be Mother?" next whilst I think.

I've drawn the body, and am waiting to start the stitching, but I have a very important visitor at the moment (DD2 home from Hong Kong for a couple of weeks - hurrah and deep joy...although it does mean the work table becomes the dining table temporarily!)  We're having such fun catching up and eating out and shopping and giggling etc etc

I have however, been pootling in the altered books again.  It's been a while.  I bought that tiny terracotta tile in the first photo this morning, to put into a sketchbook somewhere. It's from Mexico and is a Day Of The Dead artefact - a hugely important celebration over there.

I now have an altered book under construction, just dedicated to kettles and teapots, and it's a great place to store all the little sketches of bronze pots and ceramic kettles that I've been doing to get "Orientation-ed" up. The first venue for Orientation is from 7th September to 21st October at Redditch Needle Museum.  Details here.  The link gives details of the Meet The Artists Day on 8th September, and it would be wonderful to see any of you if you're in the area, so do come along and say hello. Edwina Mackinnon is doing a Pojagi workshop (details here)    I know from first hand experience what a great teacher she is - no idea if there's any spaces left mind you; I think you'll have to email or ring.                                                                      

The pages aren't nearly finished of course. I shall keep adding layers until they feel right. The thing about doing these that I love is the total freedom to make an unmitigated mess if necessary.  It absolutely isn't about making something beautiful (for me anyway) but about doodling away and allowing a free flow of ideas.

It always surprises me what pops out of the brain if you let it loose!!


  1. These great pages make me realise that I must get back to my Spanish Sketch book when I have finished my latest sewing pieces. Or I could just get into the habit of a little bit of pootling every evening after a grim day at t'office!

  2. Yay! Give yourself permission to pootle whenever you can! I keep a big basket underthe coffee table with all my bits and pieces in, so I don't have to go rummaging to find the right colour pencil or a rubber or the glue etc. Nothing worse when you're tired than having to get up and look for things!