Sunday, 2 September 2012

New stuff for chatty Art Quilters!

My dear chum Hilary Beattie   and myself have started a new Facebook page and blog for all those art quilters out there who'd like a new forum for discussion and a bit of light hearted banter.

Do come and join us, you'd all be most welcome!  Although it says UK Art Quilts, that doesn't mean it's for UK artists only. It's free and if you have a Facebook account just click "like" and you're in. It's just that in the UK we're a bit short of cutting edge art quilt discussions and we hope to be able to promote the idea and move quilting forward.  We know there are other groups already out there, but this is different, it's Hilary and me!!

The blog is for us to show photos, do artists profiles, competitions (over the ether using jpegs) or whatever you want really.

It's very early days and it may fizzle out I suppose, but Hilary and I are both passionate about it and would love it to succeed. However, it needs YOU, out there in computer land, to join us and enjoy it all....... and our appalling jokes!

Hope you can make it!

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