Saturday, 6 October 2012

Collecting things.

 I'm fairly sure that there is someone out there who can explain the psychology of "collecting".  It seems to be part of being human.  Occasionally it gets out of hand (I've heard of people who literally can't get inside their houses because they are full of magazines, and old bottles, dirty plates, and things rescued from the street.)

For most of us it's about having lovely things around us.  I love small things and just lately have been adding slowly to my stock!

When my mother-in-law died, we had to clear out her house, and were appalled at the amount of rubbish stored in drawers and cupboards - bags full of, well, more bags!  Small amounts of money stashed in old chocolate boxes, and enough sheets to keep a small hospital going for a couple of weeks.

Both DH and I said that we would never get like that, and so, have gone through our stuff and donated hoards to charity shops and sold bits through auction houses.  We had nothing, literally, left except what we needed to live life comfortably.  But slowly, slowly, starting with a display table, and then a display cupboard, we've been adding again. There's simply no hope!! I'm worse than DH - cannot live in a vacuum it seems, however nice it looks in the property and interior magazines.

So I publicly apologize to my family who may need to do a bit of sorting when I've passed on. All I can say in my defence is that I'm trying to keep it small, ok??


  1. Lovely pots beany - and your children will greatly enjoy sorting them out at some very far distant future point, so no worries there. Just don't start collecting cardboard. I really like this new page look too .... tres chic je pense. Must ask you how to put links on my page next - you are such a clever old sock ... thank goodness I know you! xx

  2. Thanks - lovely to have a bit of a freshen up now and then! I shall email you about the blog fiddling x I thought if I kept my collection to small things, I could wrap everything in tissue paper at some point and store in a nice wooden box which could be kept wihtout having to sort. Does anyone else ponder such things, or is it just me??

  3. Those little teapots look charming.

    I too have 'stuff' and my daughter has too much stuff! Only Son No 1 seems able to keep the drifts of clutter under control!


  4. Yes I can understand you. There was a time when I thought the best solution would be a thunderstorm with a flash hitting my attic and burn the whole stuff. And it was not plastic bags in bags! It was a collection of my own paintings and drawings, diaries, photo negatives etc. ... When I got married again, my DF helped me sort that out, he just let me decide: waste - giveaway - keep. Before he took action, I was on the point of being lost. That was 10 years ago, and I have been able to keep a sensible level.