Monday, 15 October 2012

Nearly ready to paint, and I get to fiddle around in a gallery store room!

Life 5 is nearly ready to paint, but I have to stitch some words on the body between setting up a new exhibition at Leamington Art Gallery, and being a new Granny!

New baby is still in hospital as she's a bit sleepy and everyone wants to see her feed heartily before she can come home.

I spent the morning at the Gallery, delivering quilts, and unpacking others.  I have to say en masse, the exhibition is going to be wonderul - the quilts are truly amazing.  Do come and see if you can!

Details here. (opening times, etc)  Don't forget Friday 19th October is the meet the artist day, with lots of talks and demos from 1 to 4pm. There's a free catalogue and teas and coffee.


  1. Just visited your site a few days ago after watching DMTV. I put your blog on my homepage so I'll get updates. Very surprised there are no comments on this amazing piece. I will keep up to date on your progress. Really wonderful work.

  2. Thank you Beth, it's wonderful of you to comment. I hope to begin painting very soon - I'm just working out the words and also doing the free machining of the tatami mats.