Saturday, 27 October 2012

Shall I be Mother?

 "Keep Away From Fire"? Well you would, wouldn't you?

I've been collecting some pots for Life 6 - still life.  The model came on Tuesday and I'm ready to start as soon as Life 5 is painted.
The stitching apart from the words on the body is done.  I realized why I'm having problems with this, and would refer you back to photo 1!!

I'm also itching to get out the oil paints at some point quite soon and paint a portrait on canvas.  I haven't used oils now for nearly 2 years and I'm missing them. 


  1. I love photo 1! awesome!

    Itching to see what you do next! you ae really inspiring me to move on and grow!


  2. Yes, photo 1 is a wonderful distraction :-)

  3. She's gorgeous - i am very happily biased!! Changing and growing is essential Sally; it's important to allow space for difference. x