Saturday, 13 October 2012

Still waiting

No news yet.

 However, one has already purchased baby's first pumpkin.

And, I've been after a bronze teapot like the one below for some time.  I found it in Waddeston Manor tearooms on Wednesday, and asked to buy one.  It holds 2 large mugs of tea, which is surprizing.

All the mess on the table above, was to make these decorated panels in my GALS diary.  It's PVA drizzled in shapes on the edges of the page.  Then a touch of oil pastel in yellow ochre, brown, and orange.  Black gesso covers it all, and it was scraped back when dry to reveal the colours. They'll be a spot of text in the centre. I like the effect - never used black gesso before.

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  1. Interesting!

    I like the effect (and indeed the mini pumpkin!)