Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A little of the process for you!

I'm asked lots about what paints I use and how I paint.  Here's some photos of the beginnings of the process for you.  I try lots of different things - this time it's underpainting with green - and I like to experiment so it's not always the same for each painting.

Getting everything ready and choosing the paint colours.  I have a separate drawer for yellow, reds, greens etc - it helps no end.
 The commercially available flesh tints are pretty grotty on the whole and need stuff added to them.  In this case, green, yellow ochre, and titanium white.
 I keep adding those colours until I get a flesh colour which is ok at least for the underpainting.  At this stage whatever you put on, looks a bit like pink sausage (to use Laura Kemshall's phrase which is very succinct).  Getting a good flesh colour is very hard indeed.
 An underpainting of green. I thought it would tie up well with the topiary in the centre bit.

Below, adding the flesh tones all over, and right, adding some highlights to show the lighter areas, and yellow ochre for the darker. Tip: always go over the lines as you don't want harsh edges and that includes the hairline.

It's now a question of building onto it all.  I may decide to leave painting the figure at this stage and move onto the surroundings just so that I can maintain a colour and tone balance throughout the whole.


  1. Annabel - technical question. Have you already quilted the figure? I guess that you have from the texture. In that case how thick is the paint to keep it from blobbing on the stitching? (See - told you it was a technical question).

    Hilary (Lurcher!)X

  2. Hello Hilary. Yes the figure is quilted. The paint at this stage is quite thin - single cream? If it blobs it's not a problem for me, nor is it if it soaks through to the other side. From now on, it's treated like a painting....just so long as the words are readable. I use a big brush so that the colour is swept over the surface so perhaps that's why it's not a problem I've come across yet.

  3. I never thought of green paint under the skin color. Thank you.

  4. Are these just acrylic paints? Not fabric paints? And if so do you need any fabric medium?

  5. No they are just acrylics with no mediums.