Friday, 9 November 2012

As well as painting.....

...I've been making a little box for a special treasure!

The inside of the box is lined with fabric which has been printed with the newspaper for the day my granddaughter was born.  I had to pick through the paper to find bits that were suitable - so we have fashion, the stock market, grandad's crossword (completed of course) and foreign news, as well as a quote and birthdays of famous people born on the same day.

If you had a bigger project, or wanted the printing done easily and professionally you could try here.
I had a bit of bubblejet liquid left from years ago and decided to use it up in the hope that it would make the print last longer. Not sure if it has that effect or not, but it didn't cost me anything and only took a little time.

You soak prepared fabric in the fluid, for about 10 minutes, then squeeze out and dry.  Iron the fabric to freezer paper and cut to size for your printer....and print. You then need to wash, dry and iron.   The newsprint came out best when I upped the contrast to high. It's readable and I hope may amuse at some point. It's going to house a special present of course.

The outside of the box will probably be decorated with flowers.


  1. I love thoughtful gifts like that. I, too, just made a box and it's a LOT more work than one might think. I hope you show the finished piece.

  2. That's a wonderful idea Annabel. I may just have to pinch it if I am ever lucky enough to have a grandchild (or step-grandchild in my case). I've just made a box too for my stepdaughter's wedding, there seems to be a trend ;-)

  3. What kind of fluid are you soaking the fabric.