Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ready to paint at last!

I remember saying on this blog in the dizzy mists of time, that Life 5 should be finished by the end of October. Silly me.  Life, if you'll pardon the pun, has got in the way, and there's a vast amount of stitching on this one.

However, I finished all the stitching today and will begin painting tomorrow with a bit of luck - too dark to start today. That's the trouble with winter in the UK, it gets dark from about 3.30-4.00pm and I do like natural light to paint by.

Footnote: A couple of weeks ago I had an anonymous comment about Life 4 - Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today? telling me that really I should quote my sources when giving statistics, name the books etc. The writer had obviously completely missed the point! Perhaps he/she thought I was writing an academic essay of some kind, rather than making a piece of art.  So, just in case, (!) all these quilts are in a series of 10/12 and are called "Life Stories" and have detailed text on them. The text is not an explanation, it's a story about the person depicted. You don't have to read the text to understand the picture, it just adds another layer and is something the viewer can investigate if they wish. I've done a great deal of research on them before stitching, but they're not intended as educational in any way.


  1. It really is looking fabulous, and I would love to watch you as you paint, I can't imagine what it must be like to paint onto such a heavily stitched surface! What sort of paint do you use?

  2. Just simple acrylics cath. No gels or gesso, straight onto the cloth.

  3. What a huge amount of quilting. It is very exciting. I look forward to the progress.

  4. I would say that your quilts are educational , but not in that traditional books and footnotes way. The education comes when we take the story and mull it over, take the art and see where it applies in our own lives, agree or disagree with what we see and feel. The very best of educational!

  5. Thank you Beth, and Caroline.....what a wonderful comment, thank you.

  6. It's wonderful. I like it the akrylic painting too.


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