Friday, 21 December 2012

End of the year.

I've just had to clean and convert the studio into additional dining space for Christmas so have come to a screeching halt on Life 5.

This one has been very slow but it's because I'm a very fussy person and things have to be right. It's nearly done though- just the bells and whistles to do!

And I've started some preliminary sketches and thoughts for Life 6 (Still Life) while I'm waiting for Christmas to happen.

This year has been very eventful which is why I'm taking longer to do things but 2013 is going to be even more action packed as far as my quilts are concerned, with Life 7,8, and 9 already planned and waiting.

You know if you've read the blog before, that this year I became a Granny.  I like being Granny Rainbow; it makes me feel like a character from a Terry Pratchet novel.  I intend to be an good Granny and do interesting things, such as stand on tables and sing rude songs, and have tea and cakes in posh places, and spend far too much money on dresses in Top Shop. That sort of thing. I might have to wait a bit though - she's very small.

 This year was the Queens Diamond Jubilee Year and the year we hosted the Olympics,and it was the year that Leamington's very own guerrilla gardening team received an MBE. 

I had a wonderful time celebrating and was lucky enough to go to with the 3 other GALS to Buckingham Palace to have tea with the Queen (Gals stands for Gardening Around Leamington Spa, but also Gill, Annabel, and Lyn)  London was in a great state of upheaval and the Palace was being made ready for a Jubilee concert, which meant that there were no taxis and we had to trot through London and battle with the tube in all our finery, high heels and hats.  Don't ever say the age of chivalry is dead as young gentlemen, as well as the older gentleman, leapt to our assistance, giving up seats on trains and holding open doors. Enormous fun and never to be forgotten. We did look a bit odd on the tube...colourful, but out of place.

And, well, yes, here's me in new frock number 2. That gorgeous looking gentleman in his uniform next to me is the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire. Also pictured are the Mayor, Chair of Warwickshire County Council, MP, and Cllrs. We (the GALS) had a celebratory tea in the lodge just behind us with champers and small sandwiches, and were presented with our award.

This lodge is just across the road from the Art Gallery and Museum where Through Our Hands is currently running.  The exhibition has been exactly as I hoped it would be, and lots of visitors who haven't seen art quilts before have been amazed at the level of work and impact that quilts have in a gallery space.  It's been so successful, that when it finishes it will go onto Festival of Quilts in August (with new work to replace that which has sold)  I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful artists who agreed to take part, and produced such magnificent work. I'm hoping that Through Our Hands may become a permanent series of exhibitions for art quilts, but more about that later.

So a hectic year. I've moved tonnes of soil, planted thousands of plants, cut down trees, and dug until my back won't straighten; I've shed tears of joy at the birth of a new Rainbow, and spent hours going up and down motorways to see her and I've cuddled and sung nursery rhymes at every opportunity; I've stitched and painted as many quilts as I possibly can, I've spent hours interwebbing and organizing, shifting and lifting, meeting and sorting.  I've loved every minute even if I didn't have time to stop and think about it all enough.  Phew. Life is cool. (probably quilt number 10!)

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  Back soon!!


  1. You are a very proud grandma and so am I. Happy N Y to you too.
    Can't wait to see the results of Life 5.

  2. Baby rainbow looks forward to hearing your songs and being generally spoilt.

  3. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Also gratitude for all the wonderful work you do.

  4. It has been wonderful to follow all your successes this year Annabel and to see you grow as an artist and now as a Grandma. congratualtions on a great year and I hope 2013 is equally as rewarding. Happy Christmas!

    I am going to have to wait till FOQ to see the exhibition. I feel a terrible wimp but it hasn't been possible to get to Leamington but I can't wait to see the works in Birmingham.