Sunday, 17 November 2013

Never mind the free machining video - what was that pen!!

Righty ho then peeps!  It seems the pen was more interesting than the video :) Congratulations to the lady who watched it 8 times to try and find out the make.

Yes, it is an Indian Ink, waterproof pen, with a soft tip which is a bit like a paintbrush but writes well. It's a Faber-Castell, Pitt artist pen and is size B. Sorry, I can't remember where I got it but it must be widely available or I wouldn't have found it.

Hope that helps!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Slight confession and a bit of distraction

Once again, I find myself working too slowly for my own comfort.  It's not that I'm sitting around doing nothing - I don't know how to! - it's just that the exhibition, new baby, and other things are taking their fair share of time.  I get quite cross with myself when I think about how slow I am and all the things I need to be doing!

I am managing to fiddle around with these Christmas tags from another idea on DMTV. And I'm doing a bit of work in my sketchbook about the guerrilla gardening.

This sketchbook page will be about the geranium trains that schoolchildren make each year for the town's parks etc.

But mostly, of course, I'm temporarily blinded by this little charmer.....
Evie xx

More stats to go on the quilt

Bit gloomy this, but I have been trawling various sources for death tolls. 

I haven't had much luck with putting these stats on the dark brown strips I've attached to the background, so will probably write them on by hand.  That should keep me occupied!

World War 2 1939-45 between 50 and 80 million deaths. Spanish Civil War 1936-36, 1 million deaths. Paraguay 1864 – 1870, 1 million deaths. Mongol conquests 1206-1368, 50 million deaths. China 1340-1368, 30 million deaths. China 1616-1662, 25 million deaths. China 1851-1864, 20 to 100 million deaths. World War 1914-18 15,  65 million deaths. Timur-e-Lang 1369-1405, 20 million deaths. China 755 – 763, 13 to 36 million deaths. China 1862-1877, 12 million deaths. Japan 1894-1945, 5 to 30 million deaths. Russia 1917-1921, 5 to 9 million deaths. Congo 1998 – 2003, 5 million deaths. Napoleonic Wars 1803 – 1815, 4 to 7 million deaths. Holy Roman Empire, 1618 -1648, 3 to 12 million deaths. China 1840’s to unknown, 3 to 7 million deaths. Nigeria 1967 to 1970, 3 million deaths. Afghanistan 1979 onwards, 1.5 to 2 million deaths so far. Poland 1655 to 1660, 4 million deaths. Korean War 1950 – 1953, 4 million deaths. Vietnam 1955 to 1975, 1 to 3 million deaths. France 1562 – 1598, 2 to 4 million deaths. Africa 1816 – 1828, 2 million deaths. Sudan 1983 – 2005, 2 million deaths. Holy Crusades 1095 – 1291, 1 to 3 million deaths. France 50BC to 58BC, 1 million deaths. China 1856 – 1973, 1 million deaths. Mexico 1911 – 1920, 2 million deaths. Iran/Iraq 1980 – 1988, 1 to 2 million deaths. America 1861 – 1865, 80,000 deaths. Spain 1936 – 1939, 1 million deaths. Paraguay 1864 – 1870, 1 million deaths. 

And just because blogs should have photos, here's one of me and some old school chums that I hadn't seen for over 40 years.  

Friday, 15 November 2013

Free machine pattern I'm using on Life 10 - small video for you!

I'm using a favourite pattern for the free machined section of the Life Mould quilt.  This is the layers section of earth under the leaves which are decaying.

The fabric was printed for me by Fingerprint and has a list of all the wars ever on it.  I wanted something linear, but also wanted a leaf or two, so simply straightened out the pattern. You can see it here on Through Our Hands magazine.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

A warning about your stats.

Life is amazing;  full of variety and many wonderous things.

I include in that, the internet. How some people do what they do is beyond me - the why is sometimes easier to understand though because it's usually for money.

A wise precaution for you

If you blog, or have a website etc., it's quite nice to be able to keep track of who's visiting and which posts were popular, and it's easy to do via all the stats offered by folk like Sitemeter and Blogger's own stats.  You may use them yourself.  If you use blogger stats, it's quite possible that you'll have found lots and lots of visitors from odd sites like Vampirestats.  There are several of these strange sites who put up the visitor numbers hugely and it looks like they're sending you hundreds of visitors a day.  However, they're not!!

I'm writing this as a precaution to anyone out there who's noticed them, with the advice that you should not - under any circumstances - click on the site to see who they are.  They are spam referers and can send cookies etc that act within your computer and they can't be blocked because they are able to hide their IP details. You will be deluged with pop ups, advertisements, annoying little things that won't go know the sort of thing. No one has got a solution for this particular menace.  As far as I can tell, it's up to google to sort out - which they could probably do very easily if they were bothered - but in the meantime if you come across an interesting site that's sending you visitors, google the name first before clicking the links.

If you have clicked on it, then alas, you'll have to bear with it. Unless anyone out there has found a solution?

Just thought I'd mention it!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Life 10 - Leaf Mould words....maybe

Please bare in mind that this is fiction....I made it up, but have tried to fit it into the many stories and first hand evidences of what happened in Coventry in November 1940.

14th November 2000

There are things we believe we cannot bear, but we can bear them. We do bear them.

You hear of horrible things happening all around the world; war, famine, disease, death and destruction,  but mostly they're happening to other people. You feel sad, you feel sorry, you might even cry, especially when babbies are starving or hurt.

I'm Pat and it's my birthday today and I'm very old. Too old probably to be still enjoying yoga after all these years but it gives me time to think.  I remember another birthday many years ago on 14th November 1940. I can bear the pain now but it took a long time. I was a young woman living in Coventry.

To celebrate my birthday I'd asked mum if it was ok if I went to the cinema with my best friend as a treat. We'd saved for weeks to see Gone With The Wind. Mary and I work in a hospital in Coventry, but I wasn't paid, in fact I paid them £52 a year for my training. I worked really hard. Lots of women did. They worked in munitions factories, with chemicals, drove ambulances and buses, became tailors, flew planes, all sorts of things. Not that the unions liked it much.

We were in the thick of World War 2. I had two younger step sisters who were a bit poorly with whooping cough that day, and they weren't allowed to use the street shelter because of it, but I'd seen mum put them in their siren suits and tuck them into a corner of the Anderson Shelter with some blankets. It was 7.30 and I was about to set off for the cinema, when we heard the steady drone of planes and some loud thuds of bombs dropping. Within minutes, the ground shook and the sky was lit up with incendiaries. For a brief moment they looked like fairy lights, but they soon took and fire began to sweep through the city. Five hundred bombers dropped 500 tonnes of high explosives and over 900 incendiary bombs on the city that night. It took them ten hours.

You'd be amazed at how many people can cram into a small air raid shelter. There were no toilets, no water, nothing, except the relentless noise of land mines and bombs, the ack ack guns, lots of crying, sneezing, smells, dust and dark. My friend Mary didn't make it to the shelter. She was with her boyfriend sheltering in a shop doorway when the arch collapsed and a wall fell on them both.  There were so many people to bury that night that it couldn't be done properly and Mary and her boyfriend were put into a communal grave with 1560 other people. At least, if you believe in God, I suppose they're still together.

Of course, mother had wanted to stay with the children, rather than go to the shelter, and had gone back into the house to check the blackout curtains in the front room, and bolt the door.  She opened the door quickly to look at the flames engulfing the city. She never knew what happened to her, it was very quick, but she was hit by shrapnel from the ack ack guns. Shrapnel can cut through soft flesh like a scythe. I found her after the all clear had sounded, and the image of her lying there almost cut in half will stay with me until I die.  I wanted to think it was a mistake, and for someone to tell me it wasn't true. But it was.

We all lost so much that night. The city was destroyed and people died. It wasn't just us though.  Between 50 and 80 million people were killed on all sides in World War 2 and wars keep happening don't they?  Perhaps we shouldn't bear it.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Angela and the Life Quilts

I thought I'd just tell you about this book Listening To Our Grandmothers by Mary Ann Mhina.

A short while ago I received an email from Mary Ann Mhina saying she was writing a book which included a piece about Angela. Angela is the Life model that I have used in some of my quilts. She wanted to use Life 4 to illustrate the page about Angela.  Unfortunately due to publishing problems this wasn't possible in the end, but the book does reference my website which is rather lovely.  Future editions may feature the quilt so I hope it goes well for Mary Ann!

Angela's a remarkable woman, and lots of you have commented on the quilts, especially Life 4, not only about what you thought of my work, but what you thought of Angela and her willingness to be a model for me and show herself to the world.  I find her fascinating to draw and enjoy trying to capture the curves properly....a real challenge and a very interesting model.

My quilts have their own stories.  They are not Angela's story however, which confuses people sometimes!  Angela's story is told in this book by Mary Ann. The link above takes you to Amazon and you can "look inside" if you want to.

Life 9

I asked Angela if she would be willing to model for another quilt and she happily said yes, so Life 11 will be, "Making Time" and may be on show at the Festival of Quilts in the summer, I'm not sure yet.

She tells me her hair is now quite a lot longer so I shall have to forego those lovely spikey bits!
Life 3
Life 4
Life 1

Friday, 1 November 2013

Life 10 - Leaf Mould, progress.

I'm just deciding where to put a shaft of light - this will affect the leaf colourings which at the moment are all yellow/green/gold. The light will shine on my "praying"/thinking woman.

The wavy line at the bottom, is where the second piece of fabric is going; it's printed with a list of all the wars ever and will have strips with casualty numbers appliqued on top.

The colours will probably change quite a bit yet - it's too early in the construction to decide. This is a new model btw - not the same as Life 5 - although the pose is kneeling in a similar way.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Trying to get portraiture right

You need to practice portraiture to get it right, which is what I intend to do.  My skills have lapsed a bit lately and I need to do more. Granted, portraits on quilts are much harder than using oils on a canvas, but I still feel I've slipped a bit.

Life 11 or 12 (not sure if it's next or the one after next!) will involve a few portraits. It's the one called The Glass Ceiling.

I'm looking for mother and child, a woman wearing a hijab, and a native Australian/Indian woman.  If anyone out there would like to volunteer, please contact me, I'd love to hear from you. The quilt is about prejudice and the way women are held back in their careers. You'll only be visible from the shoulders or decolletage upwards.

A student in America wrote with some questions. I gave some answers.

I'm always happy to help any student with information about the Life Series if I can.  I hope you don't mind my publishing this on the blog as I can then link back to it, if anyone wants info. 

·         What inspired you to begin the Life Series and focus on the struggles and situations of women?
That’s both easy and difficult to answer!
Physically, the Life Series grew from an amalgam between the skills I already possessed as a quilter, and the new ones I was gaining as a painter.  For a long time both skills remained separate and I didn’t bring the two together for some time.  I always strive to be original and that’s quite often the driving force behind my technical experiments. I began with making fabric collage bases for my paintings and then moved on to more complex constructions.  The drawing of a life figure (taken from a class) onto cloth was simply another of these experiments and resulted in Life 1.
Any quilter will tell you that the layers of a quilt (backing, wadding, and top decorative cloth) need to be held together to stop movement, and I was at a loss at how to stitch the area of the body I’d painted without it showing too much and detracting from the painting.   I hit on the idea of text after overhearing conversations between the model and the other artists in the same room, about her life. She was happy about her shape, and age, and didn’t care what people thought of her. She was keen to show herself to give other women courage about themselves.  A lot of women have image issues for many reasons, and her thoughts were refreshing.  I chose the poem as it was a favourite and fitted the character of the model.
The idea grew, and became an opportunity to express all sorts of ideas and experiences. So far I’ve made 9 quilts, and there are many more quilts to come!
·         Are you limiting this series to 12 or do you think may add to it over time as you encounter more women's issues that need to be represented?
It doesn’t quite work like that!  I originally said there may be 12, but of course the whole thing has just become an expression of myself and I doubt I will ever stop.  It’s part of me and I’m enjoying the process. The idea of doing 12 was because I had an idea of making a calendar.  The quilts are expensive to buy and although they do sell, the calendar was simply a marketing idea!  There are so many issues to talk about, think about, illustrate, depict, feature, discuss, that I’m not sure you could ever limit them.  I certainly have 20 planned and have fresh ideas all the time. I didn’t set out to do a series of quilts about womens issues, they are just me talking about things that concern me….I’m not sure for example that Life 9 – Fighting Back is a female issue – depression affects men just as much.
·         Is it difficult to find someone to sit for your sketches?  And is each woman the one whose experiences you are representing in that particular piece of art?
No, I use professional life models who are paid to sit, and who are used to doing so.  They have breaks and are kept warm etc. It’s a job! The stories on the bodies are mostly fictitious – they are stories -  but based on things that concern me and the results of thinking about,  and talking to people. For some of the action poses, and for poses involving a pieced quilt around the model, then I have to use a photograph as well.  No one can hold an action pose for more than a few moments, and I’m a slow worker. You cannot “make up” a pieced quilt with its folds and perspective, it has to be made using a photograph as templates.
·         Quilting, as you've stated, has always been an 'acceptable' art form for women.  You have stepped out and expanded it with a new purpose and audience.  What challenges have you faced in doing this?
Preconceived ideas both within the quilting world and in the art world about quilts and quilters are hard to get rid of.  There is a rich and strong heritage regarding quilts and “womens work” and although I’d like to add to that in my own way, and be part of it, it’s not my driving force.  I’d very much like what I do to be seen as art, never mind the medium I use.  Art galleries in the UK still regard quilts as craft, and the quilt world is still obsessed about process; by that I mean, that it is possible to make money as a professional quilter, if you teach technique, or if you enter quilt competitions.  Both of these options rely heavily of the processes involved in construction and it sometimes gets in the way of other considerations. The emotional response of the viewer, and sometimes even the image, are of lesser importance.  Breaking free of these traditions is hard and sometimes lonely.
·         Looking at the quilts on line and never having had the opportunity to view one live, it appears that some elements are appliqued and pieced while others are painted.  Am I correct in this assessment?
Yes, sadly you can only get a rough idea of the quilt from the photos on line. The quilts are large and I haven’t employed a professional photographer, so much of the detail is lost.  People tell me they are surprised when they see them in real life as they have a presence given by size!  There are many techniques involved and each quilt is different.  They all have applique sometimes as small as the apps on a mobile phone or links in a chain, and some have quilts in them which are painstakingly pieced together, before appliqueing into place, and painted to give perspective and depth.
·         Can you give me any insight as to the process of the lettering on the bodies? Are they free motioned? Do you write the message on the body before stitching?
·         All the text is blistered and ingrained into the skin by free machining, before being painted over with acrylics. I usually use a pencil to give an outline of the text, following the curvature of the muscles etc. The person and the story become one. The body is then painted. The text becomes intentionally difficult to read, but not impossible.  I do not want the image to exist only to illustrate the text, but to be a subtle extra layer; one you have to look for.  I am whispering my stories to you and not shouting.
·         What major awards have you earned? Does one have any special meaning to you? If so, why?
·         I have never won a quilting award or prize.  I have won several awards from various art galleries all of which amaze me and thrill me. 
·         I will continue to try and exhibit in major public art galleries, and have joined forces with Laura Kemshall who is a well known and respected quilter, and who jointly curates Through Our Hands ( in order to try and achieve this. We have a website with 16 art quilters on it and our aim is simply to promote art quilting where we can, and to give exhibiting opportunities to artists. It's a not for profit organization.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

That's Christmas done then.

Well, I'm sorted for Christmas! Busy day making cake, puddings and mincemeat....a dried fruit frenzy.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Don't forget to check out the mag!!!

Here's a link to the TOH magazine

It's updated daily with ideas for places to visit, exhibitions to see, and links to the world of art and textiles in particular.  If you have any news you'd like advertised - it can be anything of interest; new groups, classes, a new bit of related equipment to enthuse about, exhibitions, ideas, discussions, links to interesting blogs etc.  -it can be in this country or abroad - write or leave a comment and I'll do my best to add it.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Landscape - busy day painting with sponge roller

I've been pottering all day apart from having to take my camera into the local shop. I thought it needed a new memory card, but no, it needs a new card reader which is of course, part of the main circuit board and costs £220 for the part. Aaargggh.  It's not really economical to repair so I'm off to get a new one.  I fancy the same make because I'm familiar with it, but maybe the updated version - Cannon G15.

I've also been playing with a sponge roller and acrylic paints.  The first version of this was a quick one using charcoal, which was too clumsy.  I like this one - using inktense blocks - much better.

Autumnal colours and the most fun ever with 2 leaves.

The light was beautiful last night. This is just before it began to rain heavily so the sky is darkening against the bright gold and greens of the trees. The photos were taken from my sofa and out of my living room window.

All that colour and those falling leaves inspired me to do some leaf printing for the landscape project.  Nothing definite just yet, and I was just able to enjoy sloshing around with acrylics and a gelli plate.

I painted the leaf first with red acrylic so that the veins would contrast with the background.

The print on paper, and below, it joins the pile!

The other leaf prints are patterns for printing onto fabric at some point.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Freebies, Life 9, new landscape work, and other nonsense

Working on:  Life 9 is more or less finished, and I'm continuing to do a sketchbook to accompany the award I got last year from her Maj....just to explain to future generations what it was all about.

I've been a slack blogger of late, and it seems to me that blog land is diminishing slowly, probably in favour of the more zappy Facebook. Thank you for sticking with it, and my apologies to anyone still interested in the progress of the Life series etc. Here's Life 9 for you almost finished except for the bit on jealousy in the top right hand corner.

I've been doing little green eyes (green eyed monster) but am not happy yet. It's such a nasty destructive emotion. Worthy of the quilt but my panel isn't right yet.

Just beneath the surface of life, I'm a quiet collector.  I try not to be and about 5 years ago swore an oath to myself to get rid of my clutter and live life as a minimalist.

Slowly, slowly, the rot returns, and cupboards and nooks are beginning to fill again.

There's a secret part of me that would love to be like Charles Paget Wade of Snowshill Manor, who had the time and money - and space - even if it did mean he moved into an outhouse to live - to put the collections together. I'm seriously thinking about a second shed just for "stuff."

A few posts ago I shared some ideas about a landscape piece I was hoping to do.  It was inspired by a visit to Compton Verney.  I had seen a modern take on landscape in an exhibition there and it was based on a map, with bits stuck on and linked together.  I need to find a new format as I don't want to copy, but am keen to have a go at landscape and have another plan.  It involves going very very miniature and making lots of books.  More later.

And finally for today, you might like to have a quick squizz at some freeby videos done  by Laura and Linda Kemshall for their DMTV channel.   I think there are 4 free videos including a monoprinting one -the perfume bottle was my effort in response. Also there's one using fusible web; one about waxed papers; and another about sketchbook secrets. I don't know how long they're available for, but I'd whizz over there pretty sharpish!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

All the wars ever?

Leaf Mould

 I'm doing a spot of research about war, including a list of all the wars ever for the "soil or leaf mould" element of the quilt.  On top of this will be embroidered the numbers of people killed in some of the wars. 

At best, they are only estimates. Can you ever know how many were killed in conflicts, or who died afterwards from starvation and disease? No of course not. World War 2 and the Mongol Conquests are the most numerous I think. WW2 estimates between 40 and 72 million, and the Mongol conquests about 50 million. (1206-1368).

1200 BC Trojan War(believed by many historians to be a mythical event) 499 - 479 BC Persian Wars (also called Greco-Persian Wars) 431- 404 BC Peloponnesian War 334- 323 BC Wars of Alexander the Great 300s BC Samnite Wars between Rome and Samnium264- 241 BC First Punic War 218- 202 BC Second Punic War 149- 146 BC Third Punic War 215 BC 197 BC 168 BC Macedonian Wars 91- 88 BC - Social War 82- 81 BC - Sulla's civil war 73- 71 BC - The SpartacistRebellion 58- 50 BC Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars 49- 45 BC - Caesar's civil war 48 BC Battle of Pharsalus 43 BC - 31 BC Roman Civil War 31 BC Battle of Actium 43 Roman occupation of Britain 220- 265War of Three Kingdoms in China 291 - 306War of the Eight Princes in China 533 - 534Vandal Wars 1066 Norman Conquest 1096 - 1291 Crusades 1096 - 1099 First Crusade 1101 Crusade of 1101 1147 - 1149 Second Crusade 1187 - 1191 Third Crusade 1202 - 1204 Fourth Crusade 1209 - 1229 Albigensian Crusade 1212 Children's Crusade (Often believed to be just a story) 1217 - 1221 Fifth Crusade 1228 Sixth Crusade 1248 - 1254 Seventh Crusade 1270 Eighth Crusade 1271 - 1291 Ninth Crusade 1293 - 1323 War between Sweden and Novgorod ended up with Treaty of Nöteborg 1296 - 1328 First War of Scottish Independence 1332 - 1333 Second War of Scottish Independence 1337 - 1453 Hundred Years' War 1341 - 1364 Breton War of Succession 1420 - 1436 Hussite Wars 1454 - 1466 Thirteen Years' War. Between Poland and Teutonic Knights, which finally broke the power of the latter. 1455 - 1485 Wars of the Roses 1474 - 1477 War between the Duchy of Burgundy and the Swiss Confederation 1478 - War between the Principality of Moscow and the Republic of Novgorod. The latter was conquered.           1494 - 1559 Italian Wars 1494 - 1498 Charles VIII's Italian War 1499 - 1500 Louis XII's war with Milan 1500 - 1502 Franco-Spanish Conquest of Naples 1502 - 1505 Franco-Spanish War over Naples 1508 - 1510 War of the League of Cambrai 1510 - 1513 War of the Holy League 1511 - 1514 Anglo-French War 1513 Anglo-Scottish War (Battle of Flodden) 1515 - 1516 Francis I's first Italian war 1521 - 1525 First war of Francis and Charles V 1521-1525 Anglo-French War 1526 - 1529 War of the League of Cognac 1536 - 1538 Third War of Francis and Charles 1542 - 1544 Last War of Francis and Charles 1542 - 1546 Anglo-French War 1542 - 1550 Anglo-Scottish War 1549 - 1550 Anglo-French War 1552 - 1559 Last Italian War 1557 - 1559 Anglo-French War 1495 - 1497 Russo-Swedish War 1499 - 1503 Turkish-Venetian War 1509 - 1513 Ottoman Civil War 1514 - 1516 Ottoman-Safavid War 1515 - 1523 Rebellion of the Frisians 1516 - 1517 Ottoman-Mamluk War 1521 - 1523 The Swedish War of Liberation 1521 - 1523 Uprising of the Comuneros in Castile 1521 - 1526 Ottoman-Hungarian War 1522 Ottoman Conquest of Rhodes 1522 The Knights' War in Germany 1524 - 1525 The Peasants' War in Germany 1526 - 1528 Hungarian Civil War 1526 - 1555 Ottoman-Safavid War 1528 - 1533 Ottoman-Habsburg War in Hungary 1531 Swiss Civil War between Zürich and the Catholic cantons 1532 - 1546 Ottoman-Habsburg War in the Mediterranean 1533 - 1536 The Counts' War in Denmark 1537 - 1544 Renewed Ottoman-Habsburg War in Hungary 1546 - 1547 Schmalkaldic War 1551 - 1562 Ottoman-Habsburg War in Hungary 1551 - 1581 Ottoman-Habsburg War in the Mediterranean (Battle of Lepanto (1571)) 1552 - 1555 Charles V's war with Maurice of Saxony 1554 - 1557 Great Russian War 1557 - 1571 Livonian War 1559 - 1560 Scottish Rebellion against the French 1562 - 1598 Wars of Religion in France, also called War of the Three Henries or Huguenot Wars 1562 - 1563 First War of Religion 1567 - 1568 Second War of Religion 1568 - 1570 Third War of Religion 1572 - 1573 Fourth War of Religion 1575 - 1576 Fifth War of Religion 1576 - 1577 Sixth War of Religion 1580 Seventh War of Religion (Lovers' War) 1585 - 1598 Eighth War of Religion  1589 - 1598 Franco-Spanish War 1562 - 1568 Ottoman-Habsburg War in Hungary 1563 - 1570 Northern Seven Years' War also known as Dano-Swedish War 1566 (or 1568) - 1648 Eighty Years' War (war of Dutch independence)  1566(or 1568) - 1609 First Phase 1621 - 1648 Second Phase1567 - 1573 Scottish Civil War1568 - 1571 Morisco Revolt in Spain1570 - 1595 Twenty-five Years' War between Sweden and Russia1577 - 1582 Livonian War (Poland vs. Russia)1577 - 1590 Turkish-Persian War1580 - 1583 Portuguese Civil War1585 - 1604 Anglo-Spanish War (Spanish Armada, 1588)1590 - 1606 "Long War" between the Empire and the Turks1594 - 1603 Tyrone Rebellion in Ireland1596 - 1597 The Cudgel War in Finland1600 - 1611 Polish-Swedish War1602 - 1612 Turkish-Persian War1609 - 1618 Russo-Polish War1610 - 1617 Ingrian War between Sweden and Russia1611 - 1613 War of Kalmar between Sweden and Denmark1613 - 1617 Russo-Swedish War1614 - 1621 Polish-Turkish War1616 - 1618 Turkish-Persian War1617 - 1629 Polish-Swedish War1618 - 1648 Thirty Years' War across Europe, ends with the Peace of Westphalia. 1618 - 1625 Bohemian/Palatine Phase1618 - 1629 Austro-Transylvanian War1625 - 1629 Danish Phase1625 - 1630 Anglo-Spanish War1626 - 1630 Anglo-French War1627 - 1631 War of the Mantuan Succession1630 - 1635 Swedish Phase1635 - 1648 French Phase1635 - 1659 Franco-Spanish War (ending with the Treaty of the Pyrenees)1645 Renewed Austro-Transylvanian War1623 - 1638 Turkish-Persian War1625 - 1629 Huguenot Uprising in France1632 - 1634 Russo-Polish War1634 Polish-Swedish War1637 Pequot War1639 - 1652 English Civil War 1639 First Bishops' War1640 Second Bishops' War1641 - 1650 Irish War1642 - 1646 First Civil War1648 Second Civil War1650 - 1652 Scottish Uprising1640 - 1656 Catalan Revolt1640 - 1668 Portuguese War of Independence1645 - 1670 Turkish-Venetian War1648 - 1653 The Fronde1648 - 1649 First Fronde1650 - 1653 Second Fronde1648 - 1660 The Deluge/Northern Wars, A series of wars involving Poland, Sweden, Brandenburg, Russia and Transylvania and Denmark 1648 - 1654 Cossack Revolt against Poland1654 - 1656 Russo-Polish War1655 - 1656 Swedish-Brandenburg War1655 - 1660 Polish-Swedish War1656 - 1658 Russo-Swedish War1656 - 1660 Danish-Swedish War1657 - 1660 Dutch-Swedish War1658 - 1667 Russo-Polish War1652 - 1654 First Anglo-Dutch War1656 - 1659 Anglo-Spanish War1657 - 1662 Turkish-Transylvanian War1662 - 1664 Austro-Turkish War1665 - 1667 Second Anglo-Dutch War preceded by the capture of New Amsterdam, renamed New York City1667 - 1668 War of Devolution1671 - 1676 Polish-Turkish War1672 - 1678 Dutch War 1672 - 1674 Third Anglo-Dutch War1672 - 1679 War between Brandenburg and Sweden1675 - 1679 Scanian War between Sweden and Denmark1675 - 1676 King Philip's War1678 - 1681 Russo-Turkish War1682 - 1699 War of the Holy League (Austria, Venice, and Poland vs. Ottomans1685 Monmouth's Rebellion1688 - 1697 War of the Grand Alliance 1689 - 1691 Irish Jacobite Uprising1695 - 1700 Russo-Turkish War1700 - 1721 Great Northern War between a coalition of Denmark/Norway, Russia and Saxony/Poland on one side and Sweden on the other side 1710 - 1711 Russo-Turkish War, 1710-11, a part of the Great Northern War1715 - 1717 Polish revolt against King Augustus II1701 - 1714 War of Spanish Succession 1702 - 1713 Queen Anne's War The North American part of the War of Spanish Succession1703 - 1711 Hungarian Revolt1714 - 1718 Turko-Venetian War1715 - 1716 Jacobite Rebellion also known as "The Fifteen"1716 - 1718 Austro-Turkish War1718 - 1720 War of the Quadruple Alliance1722 - 1723 Russo-Persian War 1722-17231722 - 1727 Turco-Persian War1727 - 1729 largely bloodless Spanish war with England and France1730 - 1736 Turco-Persian War1733 - 1738 War of the Polish Succession 1736 - 1739 Russo-Turkish War1737 - 1739 Austro-Turkish War1740 - 1748 War of the Austrian Succession1739 - 1748 War of Jenkins' Ear1740 - 1742 1st Silesian War1741 - 1743 Hats' Russian War between Sweden and Russia1744 - 1748 King George's War The North American part of the War of Austrian Succession1744 - 1745 2nd Silesian War1744 - 1748 First Carnatic War1745 - 1746 "The Forty-five"1743 - 1747 Turco-Persian War1749 - 1754 Second Carnatic War1756 - 1763 Seven Years' War, known as the French and Indian War in the United States, and also 3rd Silesian War 1761 - 1763 Spanish-Portuguese War1763 - 1766 Pontiac's Rebellion1768 - 1774 Russo-Turkish War1768 - 1776 War of the Confederation of Barin Poland1773 - 1774 Pugachev's Rebellion1774 - 1783 First Anglo-Maratha War1775 - 1783 American Revolutionary War 1778 - 1783 Anglo-French War1779 - 1783 Anglo-Spanish War1780 - 1784 Anglo-Dutch War1777 - 1779 War of the Bavarian Succession1785 - 1787 Dutch Civil War1787 - 1791 Austro-Turkish War1787 - 1792 Russo-Turkish War1788 - 1790 Gustav III's Russian War also known as Russo-Swedish War1791 - 1804 Haiti Revolutionary War1792 War in defence of the constitutionin Poland1792 - 1802 French Revolutionary Wars 1792 - 1797 War of the First Coalition 1792 - 1795 Franco-Prussian War1792 - 1797 Franco-Austrian War1793 - 1795 Franco-Spanish War1793 - 1795 Franco-Dutch War1793 - 1802 Franco-British War1798 - 1801 War of the Second Coalition 1798 - 1799 Franco-Russian War1799 - 1801 Franco-Austrian War1798 - 1801 Quasi War1794 Kosciuszko Uprising in Poland1795 - 1798 United Irishmen Revolt1801 War of the Oranges1801 - 1805 First Barbary War1803 - 1805 First Kandyan War1803 - 1815 Napoleonic Wars 1805 War of the Third Coalition1806 - 1807 War of the Fourth Coalition1807 - 1814 Peninsular War1809 War of the Fifth Coalition1802 - 1805 Second Anglo-Maratha War1812 Franco-Russian War1813 - 1814 War of the Sixth Coalition1815 War of the Seventh Coalition also known as the Hundred Days War1815 Neapolitan War1804 - 1806 Serbian Revolt in Ottoman Empire1804 - 1810 Fulani War in Nigeria1804 - 1813 Russo-Persian War, 1804-131805 - 1811 Egyptian Revolution1806 - 1807 Ashanti-Fante War1806 - 1812 Russo-Turkish War, 1806-121808 - 1809 The Finnish War between Russia and Sweden wherein Sweden cedes Finland to Russia1809 - 1825 Bolivian Independence War1810 - 1816 Argentine War of Independence1810 - 1811 Anglo-Dutch Java War1810 - 1818 Tukulor War1810 - 1821 Mexican War of Independence1811 Tecumseh's War1811 Ga-Fante War1811 - 1818 Egyptian-Wahhabi War also known as Ottoman–Saudi War.1811 - 1825 Bolívar's War1811 - 1812 Venezuelan War of Independence1813 - 1814 Bolívar in Venezuela 1813-141815 - 1816 Spanish Invasion of New Granada1816 - 1817 Bolívar in Venezuela 1816-181819 - 1820 Bolívar in New Granada1821 Bolívar in Venezuela 18211822 Republican Campaign in Ecuador1824 - 1825 Republican Campaign in Bolivia1812 - 1814 War of 1812 fought between the United States and Britain, and part of the greater war between Britain and France1813 - 1814 The Creek War1814 - 1816 The Gurkha War1814 - 1816 Ashanti Invasion of the Gold Coast1814 - 1824 San Martin's War1815 Second Kandyan War1815 Second Barbary War1817 - 1818 Chilean War of Independence1817 - 1818 Third Anglo-Maratha War1817 - 1818 Uva Rebellion1817 - 1819 Zulu Civil War1817 - 1858 Seminole Wars 1817 - 1818 First Seminole War1835 - 1842 Second Seminole War1855 - 1858 Third Seminole War1820 - 1823 Spanish Civil War, 1820-18231821 - 1829 Greek War of Independence1821 - 1823 Turko-Persian War1821 - 1825 Brazilian War of Independence1821 - 1837 Padri War in Indonesia1823 - 1826 First Anglo-Burmese War1828 - 1829 Russo-Turkish War, 1828-291830 July Revolution in France1830 - 1831 Polish-Russian war following November Uprising1830 - 1839 Belgian War of Independence1835 Toledo War between US territory of Michigan and the US state of Ohio1835 - 1836 Texan War of Independence1838 Pastry War between France and Mexico1839 - 1842 First Anglo-Afghan War1839 - 1842 First Opium War1843 - 1872 Several Maori Land Wars in New Zealand 1843 Wairau Massacre1845 - 1846 First Maori War also known as Flagstaff War1846 Hutt Valley Campaign1847 Wanganui Campaign1860 - 1861 First Taranaki War1863 - 1864 Invasion of the Waikato1864 Tauranga Campaign1864 - 1866 Second Taranaki War1865 - 1868 East Cape War1868 - 1869 Titokowaru's War1868 - 1872 Te Kooti's War1846 - 1848 Mexican-American War between the United States and Mexico1848 - 1866 Italian Independence wars 1848 - 1849 First Italian Independence War, Kingdom of Sardinia allied with other Italian states against Austria1859 Second Italian Independence War, Sardinia and France against Austria1866 Third Italian Independence War, Unified Italy against Austria1848 - 1849 Hungarian Revolt of 1848 waged by Hungary against Austria and later Russia1848 - 1851 First war of Schleswig1850 - 1865 Taiping Rebellion1852 Second Anglo-Burmese War1853 - 1856 Crimean War.1856 - 1860 Second Opium War1857 - 1858 Indian Mutiny also known as the First War Of Indian Independence1857 - 1858 Utah War1857 - 1901 Caste War of Yucatán1861 - 1865 American Civil War in the United States1864 Second war of Schleswig1864 - 1870 War of the Triple Alliance; Paraguay against Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil1866 Austro-Prussian War (aka Seven Weeks War)1866 - 1868 Red Cloud's War between the Lakotaand the United States1870 - 1871 Franco-Prussian War1872 - 1873 Modoc War between the Modocand the United States1876 - 1877 Black Hills War between the Lakotaand the United States1877 - 1878 Russo-Turkish War, 1877-781878 - 1880 Second Anglo-Afghan War1879 Anglo-Zulu War1879 - 1884 War of the Pacific between Chile and the joint forces of Bolivia and Peru1880 - 1881 First Boer War in South Africa1885 - 1886 Third Anglo-Burmese War1887 - 1889 First Italo-Abyssinian War1890 Dog Tax War in New Zealand1894 - 1895 First Sino-Japanese War1895 - 1896 First Italo-Abyssinian War1897 First Greco-Turkish War1897 - 1900 Boxer Rebellion in China1898 Spanish-American War1899 - 1902 Second Boer War in South Africa1899 - 1902 The war of thousand days in Colombia1899 - 1913 Philippine-American War1904 - 1905 Russo-Japanese War1905 Revolution of 1905 in Russia1911 - 1912 Turco-Italian War fought over Libya1912 - 1913 Two Balkan Wars are fought for control of the European territories of the Ottoman Empire1914 - 1918 World War I, initially in Europe, then worldwide1916 Easter Rising rebellion in Ireland1917 - 1918 Russian Revolution1917 - 1920 Estonian Liberation War1918 Finnish Civil War, fought between "the reds" (rebellious Socialists) and "the whites" (anti-Socialists) in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Germany intervened on the side of the Whites.1918 - 1922 Russian Civil War, fought between "the reds" (Communists) and "the whites" (tsarists) directly after the Bolshevist Revolution. US, France and Britain also intervened on the side of the whites.1918 Polish-Czech war in TeschenSilesia1918 Viena expedition1918 - 1919 Poland and Lwow against Westukrainian Republic1918 - 1919 Great Poland Uprising, Provinz Posen against Germany1919 Third Anglo-Afghan War1919 First Silesian Uprising1919 Aunus expedition1919 - 1921 Polish-Soviet war Poland and Ukrainian Peoples Republic against Soviets1919 - 1921 Anglo-Irish War also known as the Irish War of Independence1919 - 1922 "Turkish War of Independence" 1920 - 1922 Second Greco-Turkish War1920 Second Silesian Uprising Silesian Poles against Germany1921 Third Silesian Uprising Silesian Poles against Germany1922 - 1923 Irish Civil War1932 - 1935 Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay1934 - 1936 Northern Expedition by Kuomintang1935 - 1936 Second Italo-Abyssinian War1936 - 1939 Spanish Civil War1937 - 1945 Second Sino-Japanese War1939 - 1945 World War II1939 - 1940 Winter War; Part of WW II, Finland against Soviet Union1941 - 1944 Continuation War; Part of WW II, Finland against Soviet Union1944 - 1945 Lapland War; Part of WW II, Finland against Germany1941 - 1945 Pacific War; Part of WW II, Japan against Australia and the United States1941 - 1942 Border war between Ecuador and Peru1944 - 1949 Greek Civil War1945 - 1949 Chinese Civil War1946 - 1954 First Indochina War1947 - 1949 First Kashmir War between India and Pakistan1948 - 1949 First Arab-Israeli War1948 - 1960 Malayan Emergency1950 - 1953 Korean War (UN-led coalition vs. North Korea)1952 - 1960 Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya1954 - 1962 Algerian War of Independence1954 - 1964 Vietnamese Civil War1955 - 1972 First Sudanese Civil War1956 Suez Crisis (Second Arab-Israeli War)1956 - 1959 Cuban Revolution1960 - 1996 Guatemalan Civil War1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion (CIA-sponsored invasion attempt by Cuban Nationals)1961 - 1975 Angolan War of Independence1962 - 1963 Sino-Indian War1964 - 1973 Vietnam War between the U.S.-led coalition (including the government of South Vietnam) and the National Liberation Front (NLF), backed by North Vietnam1964 - 1975 Mozambique's War of Independence1965 Second Kashmir War (Second Indo-Pakistani War)1965 - 1996 Chad Civil War1966 - 1988 Namibian War of Independence1967 Six-Day War (Third Arab-Israeli War)1967 - 1970 Biafra War in Nigeria1967 - 1975 Cambodian Civil War1969 Football War between Honduras and El Salvador.1971 The Pakistani Civil War that becomes the Third Indo-Pakistani War1973 Yom Kippur War (Fourth Arab-Israeli War)1974 - 1991 Ethiopian Civil War1975 - 1989 Angolan Civil War1975 - 1991 Lebanese Civil War1975 - 1998 War of Indepence in East Timor1979 Sino-Vietnamese War1979 - 1992 El Salvador Civil War1980 - 1988 Iran-Iraq War1981 Border war between Ecuador and Peru1982 Falklands War between United Kingdom and Argentina1982 Lebanon War1982 - 1984 Mozambique's Ciwil War1983 Operation Urgent Fury, U.S.-sponsored invasion of Grenada1983 - 2000 Civil War in Sri Lanka1988 - 1994 Nagorno-Karabakhwar between Armenia and Azerbaijan1989 - 1990 Operation Just Cause, United States invades Panama1990 - 1991 Persian Gulf War between Iraq and UN-led coalition1990 - 1992 Rwanda Civil War1991 - 2001 Yugoslav Wars 1991 Slovenian War1991 - 1995 Croatian War1992 - 1995 Bosnian War1998 - 1999 Kosovo War2001 Macedonian War1991 - 1993 Georgian civil wars 1991 - 1992 South Ossetian war1992 - 1994 Abkhazian War1993 Georgian civil war, western Georgia1991 - 1997 Sierra Leone Civil War1993 - 1999 Burundi Civil War1994 Yemen Civil War1994 - 1996 First Chechen War1995 Cenepa War between Peru and Ecuador1996 - 1997 Liberian Civil War1998 - 2000 Border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea1999 Kargil Conflict1999 - 2003 Second Liberian Civil War2006 - Lebanon War between Israel and the Hezbollah (organization in Southern Lebanon)1999 - Second Chechen War2001 - Civil War in Côte d'Ivoire2003 - 2010 - Invasion of Iraq12004 - Haiti rebellion2008 - Second South Ossetia War2011 - 2011 Libyan civil war2012 - 2013 Northern Mali conflict.1947 - Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan1948 - Palestinian conflict with the Israelis1966 - Colombian Civil War1978 - Afghanistan Civil War 1978 - Communist coup of 19781978 - 1992 Civil war between Mujahideen and Democratic Republic of Afghanistan1979 - 1989 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan1991 - Somalian Civil War 1992 - 1993 Civil War between different tribal military forces1994 - 2001 Civil War between Taliban movement and Northern alliance2001 - United States war in Afghanistan1983 - Second Sudanese Civil War1992 - Civil War in Algeria1994 - Zapatista Revolution in Mexico1995 - Second Ugandan Civil War1996 - Civil War in Nepal2003 - Darfur conflict, Sudan2011 - Syrian Civil War2013 - India - Pakistan border skirmishes