Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cloth finished.

The cloth is now finished and pinned into place.  I've been taking photos to see how the vases and oranges might look.

I saw a painting once of blue jars in a line - can't remember the artist - but I liked it because it was an unusual arrangement.


  1. Looking fabbo. Now I don't want to upset you old bean - but not ALL the contents of that bowl are oranges ... no indeed ... you need to have a whittle. I remembebr those lovely pots too! x

  2. I know!!! :)) I actually dug them out of the recycling because I didn't have any proper oranges. Now you mention it, I'm a bit ashamed to show my fruit bowl rejects - such a scruffy little oik! A x

  3. Oh shame on you!I think you need to get your orange paint on them x

  4. A trek to the supermarket when the ice melts I think!


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