Friday, 4 January 2013

Life 5 - last showing of progress

Although not finished, this is the last update before Life 5 will be seen again!!  I have the face to do and shadows on the trees - just little fiddly bits and the frame and we're done. The paint takes a couple of days to dry and "settle", so it's no good doing any more until then. So it's on with the next one.

I've begun Life 6 already with some preliminary sketches you saw on the last posting.  Here's a pen and ink sketch with some bottles. I think the perfume bottle on the right and possibly the kettle (which is bright blue) might make it into Life 6 but I'm not sure yet.

It's called Still Life so will include the usual still life subjects of bottles and jars and maybe a lemon or two, and the model is on a quilt again. She's looking blissful and content, and the words will be about life and finding a few minutes in the day to close your eyes and relax and reflect.


  1. I've just noticed you can see the lines of the building outside through the 'walls' of the room. Very effective. I love the little bottle on the right so I hope it makes it into the quilt.