Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Life 6 progress - pots, wallpaper and oranges

Left: the applique has been put onto the pots, and below, some stitching has been added.  The quilt is in place. I have to do some minor adjustments to straighten things, but this bit is ready for painting.
On the left is an initial design for some Rainbow Chinoisserie wallpaper.  I asked the folk who read my FB page, what made them content. (The quilt is about contentment) It was a mixture of being with the folk one loves, food, drink, nature, sunshine, and peace and quiet. If you look carefully you can see a cupcake, a glass of wine, an orange, two hearts, grapes, birds, butterflies, and 3 round things which are supposed to be Maltesers.

The poem I'm using for this quilt is about a HUGE orange and I did go in search of something large.  I found these two; the best my greengrocer could do.  It's years since I've peeled an orange.  That struck me as odd.  I eat satsumas these days, but somehow don't think of them as oranges.  There is a connection between China and satsumas, (being satsuma ware!), but I'll leave that one for now.  I've enough on my plate as you can clearly see!


  1. wallpaper is looking gorgeous .. and I want that fat pot xx

  2. Life is a puzzle .. I am sure a snake was mentioned??- but where?? Or am I now dreaming blog conversations? and if so, what on earth would the psychiatrist make of that?? Any road .. my answer to the fat pot contents is yes, deffo a fat snake ... OR - what about a fat penguin?? or even a womble? (personal fave at moment)I like them better xx (if all was a dream - this will be very confusing - sorry)


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