Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Drawing out Life 8

Life 8 is called On The Shelf.  It's proving difficult to draw properly because, and this is hard to believe I know, I've not seen anyone lie naked on a shelf before.

I've upped the contrast so you can see the pencil outlines.  There's loads of rubbings out but I think you can get the gist.  The first photo shows the model on the shelf and her legs disappearing off the right hand side. I may have to make this shelf wider to support the elbow a bit more - it's sort of hanging there at the moment.  Needless to say there is a quilt underneath her too.

Above her to the left is another shelf with a pair of legs emerging.

Below her is a table top which will have all sorts of things on it including the skull of Richard III - maybe the odd Chinese artefact - I shall be searching for some kind of sword and an old pot, I think. I want to put a clock on it too.


  1. Yes, I think she would be feeling very precarious on that shelf, her arm/shoulder is barely supported. Could you get someone to lay on a table to model for you (with or without clothing depending on who volunteers lol)?

  2. Can I share a secret with you?

    I have never seen anyone lying naked on a shelf either!

    Intrigued! And why the skull of Richard III (though of course I too am fascinated by his recent rediscovery).

    Fascinating stuff as always.


  3. Hi Julie; it's just a matter of making the shelf wider really to support the arm to just above the elbow.
    Hi LTW. The skull is used to signify mortality, that's all. I haven't quite worked out the symbolism yet and am leaving that until a bit later on in the construction.

    Thanks for your comments - great to hear from you.