Sunday, 10 February 2013

Life 7 - Motherland

As Life 6 has only to be painted (only?) I've been turning my attention to Life 7

Readers of this blog and the FB page are probably aware that there are at least another 3 quilts in the pipeline, and I wasn't sure which to do next, so have been cogitating.

It's funny how things happen, but they just do.  Someone very kind sends you an old map; you have a sleepless night, (I have bouts of insomnia);  you're thinking about your Granddaughter; and before you know it Life 7 is born. It's got nothing to do with the other planned quilts and is completely new, but it is, over the period of a few hours, almost complete in my head.

I like to mull over things before plunging straight in, but this one feels right from the start.  So, watch this space!  I hope you'll like it :) I only need patience.

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