Friday, 12 April 2013

A sneaky peak at the painting in progress

 Needless to say, I have to qualify this posting at the start by saying there's loads of work to do and the quilt is nowhere near finished yet.

I'm working on the still life element today.

Stage 1 - the photo. I worked out the pieces I wanted (they all mean something) and photographed them in situ.

Below: Stage 2. putting in the fabric applique shapes.

Stage 3: Stitching the shapes and adding details.

Right: Stage 4: adding the first coat paint to the stitched applique.

I love this sketchbook. It's a lovely soft leather and is being made to go alongside the award I got last year for gardening.

The EXTRA special thing that I love about this version is the pages.  A while back I asked Linda Kemshall to print some altered book pages for me for a piece that's coming along later in the Life Story series.  I was able to use some of the excess to make my sketchbook pages (you can just make out some of the printed words)  So I have my sketchbook pages, really making up my sketchbook pages. How cool is that?! 

And this is how far I've got today.


  1. Annabel - that technology about printing actual sketch book pages really is cool.

    I love the options that digital textile printing gives us. And some of Linda's latest quilts really demonstrate how wonderful it can be.

    Glad to see that the bag is now replaced by the skull!

    1. Yes, it pleased me no end! It was going to be Richard III skull, but sadly I couldn't get an image with the right angle on it.