Thursday, 4 April 2013

Life Time

 "Time, swifter than the wind, yet still as a stone"

A day away from the machine face today, and another visit to Snowshill Manor. There was an awful lot of snow still left on the Cotswolds and at times we were driving through quite deep drifts. But, intrepid travellers that we are, we arrived safely and just in time for lunch.

I may have mentioned before that I LOVE Snowshill.  I think Mr Charles Paget Wade, who put the collection together - buying the house for that purpose whilst he lived in what is essentially an outhouse - must have been a bit weird.  But Thank Goodness for that, or life would be just a little bit duller!  It's crammed full of interesting bits and pieces and I can never spend enough time gazing at them.  I especially like the Chinese cabinets stuffed with tiny hand made gorgeous things.  I want one of those cabinets to put treasures in.

Today was about the clock above. I wanted to refresh my memory for a life piece about time.  Maybe Life Time?  I love the sayings on the wall as the numbers count down.  And what a lesson:  "The Life Of Time Is Motion"....therefore, never stop, people, never stop!  Always find time and do everything whilst you can. Cram more in. It's an order :))

Yesterday was spent with a student from Birmingham Uni, and we went through a days work experience and chatted for 6 hours about quilting whilst making a small piece of work using some basic techniques. Very interesting; a lovely student, but not much work done from me, so back with a vengeance tomorrow I hope.


  1. Would love to visit Snowshill - an amazing place. That clock looks fantastic!