Monday, 27 May 2013

An Update on Life 8 - Motherland

Apolgies for being blogless for so long! 

Here's the state of Life 8 - Motherland.  It's got a lot of the mapping in now (heaps of stopping and starting on the free machining of street names - and hundreds of ends to sort out which takes so much time doesn't it?)

 You can begin to see 5 distinct villages with welcome signs, called .... Happiness, twinned with Love, Worry twinned with Stress, Fear twinned with Mortality, Love twinned with Sacrifice, and Sacrifice twinned with Bondage.

Each village is made up of roads and doodly pictures to illustrate those feelings, and the whole is bound together by the figure - the Mother.

I've been experimenting with the colours, but have a fair bit of stitching left before I can start the painting.
 Here's a close up of the village Love which I hope to start on today. 
 This is a 20 minute sketch in compressed charcoal. Just working through some thoughts and ideas with no clear direction as yet.  I have another 5 quilts left to do before I add more to the list - but no doubt, this will percolate through at some point.
 I've also been making a few cards for family occasions.  I've been using leaves from the garden.

I can't share the process with you as it wouldn't be fair.  It's another DMTV idea after all. I can share the results though!


  1. Don't worry about the lack of blogging. You've made up absence with content.

    1. Thank you ltw, very kind, as usual!!