Friday, 14 June 2013

Life 9 - Fighting Back. The layout and early drawing onto the cloth

 Now, isn't that an exciting photo?! Life 9 is called Fighting Back and is about depression and trying to get the better of it.

You'll be pleased to know that those slippers make another appearance in this quilt!

Here it all is layered up and waiting for me to attack it with my pencil.

The pose was awkward because it was an amalgamation of photos taken some time ago and they are quite blurry.  I'm not a photoshopper, prefering to do battle with my pencil and a good rubber!

Below: the first pencil outline.

 I've stitched my outline with black thread.  I've gone back to black with this one as the background will also be dark - possible black or a slight variation on it.

As you can see I've put some darks in already. I haven't stitched the body with it's words yet, but I couldn't resist a quick dabble with a watery wash.

Below: in the slight pause between quilts I have been working on an altered book about time for another quilt later in the year.  It's not only good fun for me to let my mind wander free like this - jotting down anything that comes to mind - but is a great catalyst to deeper thoughts.  It's also a great memory jogger.

Life 1 has just been accepted into the World Quilt Competition USA XVII - 2013. 
It will be on display from August 15-18 in Manchester, New Hampshire, and will tour the United States including the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza (Greater Philadelphia Area) in September, the Pacific International Quilt Festival (San Francisco Bay Area) in October and at the World Quilt Show - Florida, January 9 – 11, 2014.


  1. Congratulations....with Life 1 being accepted in the USA Shows.....well done....

  2. Congratulations Annabel, well deserved recognition of your unique quilts. Your hard work and dedication is being rewarded. Long may it continue.

  3. I'll be at the show! For the new quilt, you need a monkey on her back. Unfortunately depression is not just a one time event that you can fight once and then move on. Wish it were but really don't need any more subtle suggestions that if I just fought harder I could beat that monster once and for all.

  4. No, Quilt or Dye, it must be a bit galling to be told that if you fought harder you'd just get better. But I'm most certainly not doing that. The words on the next post are some by Stephen Fry who I think explains that very eloquently. Everyone on the planet I think has some experience of depression, but not perhaps such deep feelings over a long period of time. I knew this quilt would rouse some thoughts, indignation, passion etc., but because my experience is happily so limited, I have sought out the words of those who know better. My lady is not telling the world to fight harder - absolutely not; I'm not the sort of person who would assume to do so - it will be about a particular lady who is fighting to get the better of her demons. It's her story, just as the other quilts are stories. I hope this will be clearer as the quilt develops. Best Wishes to you.