Sunday, 7 July 2013

Japanese garden at Tatton - snippets

Forgive me for all the garden photos just recently - it's that time of year!   I've been out and about enjoying the sunshine and it seems little else.

My DD treated me to a tour of the Japanese Gardens at Tatton. It doesn't take long but we were lucky enough to have a tour guide between ourselves so felt free to ask questions, and I learned a lot.  I have a hankering to dig up all my lovely flowers....

and replace them with moss and topiary, and gentle asymetrical interpretations of clouds and boulders. A tea house wouldn't go amiss either.  What a pity I didn't visit these gardens at the start of the Orientation exhibitions with SixandFriends.... very inspiring.

Shinto Temple.  Made out of the wood from a cryptomeria tree - it's used to the damp and doesn't rot easily and is found widely in Japan.  I think this temple was built in the 1930's and the copper on the roof has had to be replaced but not the wood.

The little bridge is designed to give a reflection in the water, and is called almond eyed, which you can see in the photo below.

The shape evolved from Chinese defensive bridges which were a little more arched - it's said that a horse can't manage to get up and over this shape (can't get to grips with it's legs)

 This tree - an acer - has been trimmed as it grew to resemble clouds. That funny zigzag pathway is a bridge, which for health and safety reasons we weren't allowed to cross.

It had a couple of cranes in the water (cranes symbolise heritage and all the years that have passed) and a turtle (turtles signify what is to come)

You can just see the teahouse in the photo above - on the far left.  My research for Life 5 was very helpful in understanding the tea ceremony and the relevance of objects and their placement, and why this tea house was here.

There were lots of these lamps dotted around.  They are supposed to be in pairs, and they're all different.  You could spend a lot of lovely time drawing these, but sadly when you're on a tour, you can't wander off and do your own thing.  The gardens are only visible from the outside normally, so I guess that little dream will never happen.

Very enjoyable.  And like I said, it maybe time for a little Zen in Chez Rainbow.  Mind you, where would I grow tomatoes?

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