Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Photos of Orientation, at Minerva

There was a Meet The Artist session at Minerva Arts Centre on Sunday. SixandFriends who are currently showing their Orientation Exhibition were there to chat to visitors, and Hilary Beattie gave a demonstration which seemed to go down very well.

Laura snapped this photo of me in front of, Life 5  - Shall I Be Mother, and Life 6 - Still Life (with Orange)

Thanks to everyone at Minerva who looked after us so well. There are some more photos, including some of the wonderful work on show, on the sixandfriends blog (link above) and on Steph's blog here


  1. It's good to see a "real person" giving a sense of scale - it really puts the quilts into perspective. On a book page or a computer screen, everything looks the same size!

  2. That's very true Margaret. Even when you have a measurement, you can't picture it. But put a person next to it and it all becomes clear of course!