Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Thinking about colours and quilting patterns for Life 9

I understand that a couple of folk after reading the title of yesterday's posting, thought I was giving up the Life quilts for a while, and wondered what I was going to do next.

However, I think I might be doing life quilts for life!!  I've been thinking a lot about what I'm doing and where I'm going just recently, and I've decided that what really matters to me, is to carry on doing quilts and paintings that mean something to me, and contain a truth - my voice if you like. Even at the age of 57 it's nice to be liked and do quilts that others find appealing, but in truth, if the world hated what I did, I'd still do it. It's become a lifestyle!

I have never won a quilt competition and I seriously doubt if I ever would anyway, but that's not important. Genuinely it isn't!  It isn't a hobby, it isn't a way of making a living either.  It just is. I feel very liberated having tucked that one under my belt!

 I've been gesso-ing these panels after stitching and am going to treat them like the pages in my altered books.    The stitching isn't perfectly straight - it's free machining and was done to create a loose feel. I don't have stitch controls or specialist equipment, it's just my eyes and my hands. I want the text to be there but not entirely visible - to be lurking beneath the surface and bothering the overlying images.

 I'm stitching the body at the moment and it takes time, but I'm also considering the next stage.  I'm thinking of the background quilting. I'm inclined to fill in with continuous patterning and usually choose a triangular shape or washboards.  I wanted something different for this one so took paper and pencil and doodled.  I think I like the random brick wall but on a larger scale.

There will be words in the background too and I was going to use this stitching to highlight them, rather than pick them out in stitch first.  But I've rethought. I'm going to make this wall have graffiti like text if I can manage it.  This is something difficult for me. Normally I'm quite controlled, but feel the need for this quilt to be raw and rough edged, so I'm going to paint the text first in acrylics using a brush with no guidelines.  It won't be an attractive neat finish!!  Cripes. Risky stuff. But I've persuaded myself that rules don't apply to art! So pretentious for 11 am on an ordinary Tuesday.

This led to considering colours.  I've decided to use that very dark green/grey as a background.  The words need to stand out and need to jar a bit.

I love the burnt orange with the green (bottom left) but think the red next to it will be more dramatic.  It's appropriately called Blood Red.

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  1. Annabel, what ever directions you go in un the future, keep making art!