Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Now, where were we?

Now, where were we before Festival of Quilts happened?!

It's taken a week or so to get sorted, pack up and send back quilts to various corners of the world, and also have a couple of days off to recharge the batteries. But I'm back in the groove and have been trying to pick up where I left off with Life 9.

I'd left it in an odd state so that visitors to foq could see the constructions processes - I thought that might be fun - but I've begun sorting it out, and have now finished all the stitching on the body (nb much easier to do this before the rest of the quilt is painted especially if you have a tiny machine to try and squash the quilt into!)

I've also been working on the panels to the right of the model, and thoroughly enjoyed painting an eye for one of them.  I used to hate doing eyes, but now I think they're the best thing ever!!  Here it is, not quite finished.

If you look at the panel the writing explains a chance meeting, a meeting between two strangers,
and without words. A connection made with eyes only; fleeting but connected.  The eye I hope stares at you and has a faint intense look- not a smile, not anger, nothing except a deep look into what is in your heart.  Or am I waxing too lyrical for 9.30 on a Tuesday morning?


  1. Fabulous Annabel, I'm really loving these, wish I could have seen them in person.

  2. Hello Esther, Thank you! It would have been nice to see you there - it was great fun! I'm not brilliant at taking photos and they're not easy to photograph so a lot of the finer details are missed. In the flesh is best -of course!! :)

  3. Chance meetings can happen other ways than in person. Perhaps I've mentioned this before, but I occasionally run across a photo with such a face, such a look, that it haunts me for days. Or arrests me in some way that I wish I could know more about that person. Sometimes the person is not even alive anymore, and so even more mysterious. I've never figured out how just a look, a set of eyes whether in real life or the printed page, can do what you describe

  4. No, it's a complete mystery. I think our "animal" instincts kick in somewhere along the line and tell us things beyond reasoning. You should always listen to these instincts I think even if you don't act on them. Thanks for your thoughtful comment TIB xx