Monday, 23 September 2013

Proper non wobbly video of Through Our Hands at Festival of Quilts - courtesy of DMTV

Laura and Linda Kemshall have very kindly made their DMTV video available for everyone to see.  It's so much better than the wobbly whizz of mine that I made at the time. Enjoy!!  (DMTV is normally only available by subscription, so it was very generous of them to share - thank you ladies!)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Life 10 - Leaf Mould

Life 9 isn't quite finished - I need to add another panel to the right hand side, but don't want to rush it and end up putting something without value there, so whilst I think, I'm pressing on with Life 10.

Life 10is about the futility of war.  The idea came from reading a bit in a magazine about the blitz on Coventry and how bombing almost entirely destroyed the city.  It was called operation Moonlight Sonata and happened during the evening of 14th November 1940.  My research into people's stories of course just led on and on, and my thoughts are still in the process of being distilled.

Readers to the blog and facebook pages, have kindly sent me images of their families during WW2 and these have been printed onto fabric for me by Laura Kemshall.  They will form the basis of leaves falling from the sky. The leaves will form a carpet which is of course beginning to break down, hence the title Leaf Mould.  People are born, and they die. Fleeting memories are all that are left; they are absorbed into the earth, but their experiences nourish and change us. Sometimes they help us to grow.

Thursday, 12 September 2013


I went to collect some quilts from the Quilt Association (Minerva Arts Centre) a few days ago in Llanidloes, Wales. This marked the end of a tour of quilts for the SixandFriends Orientation exhibition.  New things are afoot however, and if you'd like to keep up with what's going on, click the link and keep tuned!!

Whilst in the area DH and I decided to have a ferret around Snowdonia and visit Portmeirion which is on the coast in north Wales.  Very, very beautiful it is too.

As a treat we stayed in Castell Deudraeth, which was just a tiny bit gorgeous!  Picture above - it's all very new and luxurious inside, and I dined on choc and champagne. Everyone has to be a bit silly now and then!

We also visited the famous village of Portmeirion which is just down the road from the hotel. After years of watching programmes about the place on TV and endlessly seeing clips from The Prisoner, DH had it on his list of must-see places.  The village itself is disappointing and doesn't live up to the hype - why? The buildings were lovely and to find them nestled away in a hidden part of Wales is astonishing, but most of it is sectioned off and is now holiday lets.  You obviously can't get inside the buildings because of this, but you couldn't even get close to most of them.  So you walk around a tiny path for a few minutes and just look from afar.  There are a few shops and places for refreshment, but half an hour and you're done. Not a problem, except for the £10 entry price! Or perhaps I'm just being miserable?!!

Below is a photo of the estuary and walk.  The highlight!  The video is wobbly for which I apologise, but it's very short and at the end is a shot of the whole village.

 And below is the video of the whole estuary which was without doubt simply breathtaking.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New TOH Portfolio for you to browse online!

Laura has done an amazing job of our new free Through Our Hands portfolio - please feel free to share the link wherever you'd like!!

You can flip the pages here, as Laura has also put a copy of the portfolio on the new Through Our Hands magazine.  The magazine is only in the very early stages, but will grow very quickly and, because it uses Blogger, we hope you might like check in now and again to see what's happening and keep up with news and views.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

My equipment for painting quilts

I'm quite often asked what I use to paint quilts - which types of paint, which brushes etc. Well here's a photo of the basics.

The paint is acrylic. I don't use mediums or anything else with it except water.  I use a variety of paint depending on what I have and what I can buy locally.

I mix my paint on disposable palettes, perhaps using 3 or 4 in a sitting.  The biggest brush you can see is my favourite and I do most of the painting with this.  The small brush is for detail, and the others for washes and edges. (Having said that, I do have 7 jam jars stuffed with paintbrushes and I wouldn't part with any of them!!)