Sunday, 15 September 2013

Life 10 - Leaf Mould

Life 9 isn't quite finished - I need to add another panel to the right hand side, but don't want to rush it and end up putting something without value there, so whilst I think, I'm pressing on with Life 10.

Life 10is about the futility of war.  The idea came from reading a bit in a magazine about the blitz on Coventry and how bombing almost entirely destroyed the city.  It was called operation Moonlight Sonata and happened during the evening of 14th November 1940.  My research into people's stories of course just led on and on, and my thoughts are still in the process of being distilled.

Readers to the blog and facebook pages, have kindly sent me images of their families during WW2 and these have been printed onto fabric for me by Laura Kemshall.  They will form the basis of leaves falling from the sky. The leaves will form a carpet which is of course beginning to break down, hence the title Leaf Mould.  People are born, and they die. Fleeting memories are all that are left; they are absorbed into the earth, but their experiences nourish and change us. Sometimes they help us to grow.


  1. Your last paragraph is so moving - even without the image, I found myself near to tears. Diane x

  2. It sounds like it will be poignant, painful and brilliant...