Friday, 4 October 2013

Freebies, Life 9, new landscape work, and other nonsense

Working on:  Life 9 is more or less finished, and I'm continuing to do a sketchbook to accompany the award I got last year from her Maj....just to explain to future generations what it was all about.

I've been a slack blogger of late, and it seems to me that blog land is diminishing slowly, probably in favour of the more zappy Facebook. Thank you for sticking with it, and my apologies to anyone still interested in the progress of the Life series etc. Here's Life 9 for you almost finished except for the bit on jealousy in the top right hand corner.

I've been doing little green eyes (green eyed monster) but am not happy yet. It's such a nasty destructive emotion. Worthy of the quilt but my panel isn't right yet.

Just beneath the surface of life, I'm a quiet collector.  I try not to be and about 5 years ago swore an oath to myself to get rid of my clutter and live life as a minimalist.

Slowly, slowly, the rot returns, and cupboards and nooks are beginning to fill again.

There's a secret part of me that would love to be like Charles Paget Wade of Snowshill Manor, who had the time and money - and space - even if it did mean he moved into an outhouse to live - to put the collections together. I'm seriously thinking about a second shed just for "stuff."

A few posts ago I shared some ideas about a landscape piece I was hoping to do.  It was inspired by a visit to Compton Verney.  I had seen a modern take on landscape in an exhibition there and it was based on a map, with bits stuck on and linked together.  I need to find a new format as I don't want to copy, but am keen to have a go at landscape and have another plan.  It involves going very very miniature and making lots of books.  More later.

And finally for today, you might like to have a quick squizz at some freeby videos done  by Laura and Linda Kemshall for their DMTV channel.   I think there are 4 free videos including a monoprinting one -the perfume bottle was my effort in response. Also there's one using fusible web; one about waxed papers; and another about sketchbook secrets. I don't know how long they're available for, but I'd whizz over there pretty sharpish!


  1. Oh please, do not give up blogging, dear Annabel, for that upstart Facebook. Things pass through it so quickly, and then are never referenced again. A blog is like a lovely book - everything neatly in one place, easy to "flip" through or search. By following them in a reader, it is a bit like the library letting you know there's a book on hold for you - come get it when you get the chance. I truly hate that so many people have gone totally over to Facebook. I feel we've lost a lot because of that. I do like it's quicker conversational form and have likened it to sitting in a restaurant or other public place where you can listen in on all the conversations and even join in now and then. But blogs - they are a different, more permanent animal for me, full of substance as well as some lighter stuff.

    Oh - and thanks for the heads up about the free videos. I watched the monoprint one earlier today - like nothing I've seen anyone else do. Definitely gave me ideas!

    1. Thank you Sheila for your lovely comment. I don't think I will give up blogging, but am having one of those moments where I embrace change. I love new and different things, and consequently sometimes get a bit fed up with old formats...I follow quite a few blogs too and I know others flag occasionally!! I've been blogging for years; my memory about how long is vague but I think since 2004. I have the old blogs stored on a file somewhere but never look at them and am not sure why I'm keeping them. You're welcome too about the link, and I'm glad you enjoyed the monoprint one...waiting to see what you've done!!

    2. Sheila - you've got it in one! I even FB at work (not allowed but frankly it takes up less time than the smokers having their fags!) because it is a moment in time, never to be re-visited and the analogy like a conversation is a restaurant is a good one.

      But a blog is a diary - in captures more than just that moment - it can be flicked through, looked at and loved (just like an old diary).

      I haven't stored mine off line. I trust Blogger to keep going, but I guess that could be a bit naive.

    3. Mine are only stored because you can download and then upload to a new blog. If you change the url then that's quite useful. It also means that you can store all your different blogs on one url, and only publish one of them, keeping the others as drafts.

    4. Yes yes yes - a diary! Or journal. I've been so tempted to have mine printed out as a book just because the internet and even what's saved on hard drives strikes me as too ephemeral. Could disappear in the blink of an eye or never be found after I'm gone, unlike the boxes of my journals and scrapbooks from my younger days. And it's still easier for me to page through a book than read on the computer. I guess if nothing else, I could at least take advantage of that option to download it because like you, I tend to be a bit naive. ;-)

  2. For myself, I haven't lost interest in bogs, in fact I read more than ever! But I comment significantly less, because I read them in a reader, and its more troublesome to do so. Additionally, I AM more likely to read them if I see a link to the post on Facebook if I'm not already subscribed.

    1. Hiya Kit, that's really good to know....I read them too but like you, comment less than I used to. I like finding out what people are up to I guess, and I like that I can put up as many photos as I want; Facebook only let you post one piccy per posting if you have a "like" page. The main page I know is different, but that's for family (very small!) and they're not madly interested in textile news!

    2. Ah, Kit you are so right! I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to comment on a blog I am reading on my iPad and then it freezes! Great for reading the blogs (I think I read more than ever because you can just flick through them) but so frustrating for commenting. I tried to write this yesterday from the iPad but got stuck. This old steam driven laptop (with a tasty hint of green tinging everything - sign of the screen going I think) is the only really successful way to comment.

      Kit this is why I don't often comment in your blog - I can't. Love my Apple devices to bits, but if I can comment on FB then why can't I comment on blogs grrrrr!

      (Oh and its not easy to actually write the blog on the iPad either - at best the formating goes awol and things freeze there as well. So I won't be chucking the old Dell out too quickly!)