Thursday, 14 November 2013

A warning about your stats.

Life is amazing;  full of variety and many wonderous things.

I include in that, the internet. How some people do what they do is beyond me - the why is sometimes easier to understand though because it's usually for money.

A wise precaution for you

If you blog, or have a website etc., it's quite nice to be able to keep track of who's visiting and which posts were popular, and it's easy to do via all the stats offered by folk like Sitemeter and Blogger's own stats.  You may use them yourself.  If you use blogger stats, it's quite possible that you'll have found lots and lots of visitors from odd sites like Vampirestats.  There are several of these strange sites who put up the visitor numbers hugely and it looks like they're sending you hundreds of visitors a day.  However, they're not!!

I'm writing this as a precaution to anyone out there who's noticed them, with the advice that you should not - under any circumstances - click on the site to see who they are.  They are spam referers and can send cookies etc that act within your computer and they can't be blocked because they are able to hide their IP details. You will be deluged with pop ups, advertisements, annoying little things that won't go know the sort of thing. No one has got a solution for this particular menace.  As far as I can tell, it's up to google to sort out - which they could probably do very easily if they were bothered - but in the meantime if you come across an interesting site that's sending you visitors, google the name first before clicking the links.

If you have clicked on it, then alas, you'll have to bear with it. Unless anyone out there has found a solution?

Just thought I'd mention it!


  1. Thank you, didn't know that.

  2. Thanks! I've noticed Vampirestats showing up in my stat list lately, but the name sounded suspect so I haven't clicked on it. Love your work. Was referred to your blog by a friend and am glad I found it.

  3. Wow … so glad I am a chicken when it comes to clicking on anything I am unfamiliar with ! I have noticed that URL and it just didn't sound right. Thanks for the heads up !!

  4. Seen those names and wondered - thanks for the info!