Sunday, 10 November 2013

Angela and the Life Quilts

I thought I'd just tell you about this book Listening To Our Grandmothers by Mary Ann Mhina.

A short while ago I received an email from Mary Ann Mhina saying she was writing a book which included a piece about Angela. Angela is the Life model that I have used in some of my quilts. She wanted to use Life 4 to illustrate the page about Angela.  Unfortunately due to publishing problems this wasn't possible in the end, but the book does reference my website which is rather lovely.  Future editions may feature the quilt so I hope it goes well for Mary Ann!

Angela's a remarkable woman, and lots of you have commented on the quilts, especially Life 4, not only about what you thought of my work, but what you thought of Angela and her willingness to be a model for me and show herself to the world.  I find her fascinating to draw and enjoy trying to capture the curves properly....a real challenge and a very interesting model.

My quilts have their own stories.  They are not Angela's story however, which confuses people sometimes!  Angela's story is told in this book by Mary Ann. The link above takes you to Amazon and you can "look inside" if you want to.

Life 9

I asked Angela if she would be willing to model for another quilt and she happily said yes, so Life 11 will be, "Making Time" and may be on show at the Festival of Quilts in the summer, I'm not sure yet.

She tells me her hair is now quite a lot longer so I shall have to forego those lovely spikey bits!
Life 3
Life 4
Life 1

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