Friday, 1 November 2013

Life 10 - Leaf Mould, progress.

I'm just deciding where to put a shaft of light - this will affect the leaf colourings which at the moment are all yellow/green/gold. The light will shine on my "praying"/thinking woman.

The wavy line at the bottom, is where the second piece of fabric is going; it's printed with a list of all the wars ever and will have strips with casualty numbers appliqued on top.

The colours will probably change quite a bit yet - it's too early in the construction to decide. This is a new model btw - not the same as Life 5 - although the pose is kneeling in a similar way.


  1. rosecolouredworld ( has left a new comment on your post "Life 10 - Leaf Mould, progress.":

    Thanks for sharing the process Annabel, I am really appreciating seeing the work unfold. If I could, I would watch artists over TV every time, except perhaps for that Bob chap with the amazing hair - seen him paint "friendly" trees too much! (Robert Norman Ross)

    1. Hiya! Not sure why, but blogger wouldn't print your comment, so I've cut and pasted it and hope you don't mind. I have seriously thought of "studio cam" as I think it would be great to watch artists too. It'd be good as long as I didn't forget it was there and start doing daft things.