Sunday, 16 February 2014

Landscapey things

One good thing about writing the Through Our Hands magazine is that I'm finding out all sorts of things that are available out there to inspire and entertain.

Today I took a trip to Compton Verney, a wonderful gallery (with a jolly good restaurant) in the middle of rural Warwickshire.  It's worth a trip just to stroll around the grounds and galleries, have lunch, a browse in the shop and more galleries, and then tea. It's also quite near to a couple of National Trust properties too.   I went to see a print exhibition called Curious Beasts (animal prints from the British Museum)

Compton Verney usually offers a variety of interesting projects to run along side their exhibitions, and today, they had a drop in studio.  It was printmaking for adults I think, but you couldn't really see what was going on unless you stood on a bucket, on one leg, and leaned perilously to the left. I guess they didn't want to be gawped at - what a shame!  The childrens section however was open to all, and the very nice lady in charge said I could help myself to some of the papers lying around for cutting up and sticking.  So I did of course.

I thought they would be very useful when it comes to the Landscape piece I'm working on - you know, the one about the year in the Tip Field, Down By The River, Next To The Sewage Works?   My thoughts about the display of the work and it's various format options changes almost weekly, so I'm leaving that for now and concentrating on doing the work for it.

Mind you, there is a dearth of chickens in the field, but I couldn't resist these chaps/chapesses. Everyone loves a chicken, and not just cooked.

Fortunately for me, all this work I'm making can be printed onto fabric for me by my great chum Laura Kemshall - so useful to be able to draw and paint anything and just hand it all over for printing!!  If you're not familiar with her blog nip over and drool at her new studio. I'm so green I'm a deep perylene green verging on the black.

Right, off to watch a bit of Lou Reed - sad that he died so young.