Saturday, 10 May 2014


Having now packed the studio bits and bobs up for Festival of Quilts, I was at a bit of a loss at what to do with what remains.  Anything to avoid housework for a couple of hours.

So I had a go with monoprinting, taking it a step further than last time, by adding text and layers of colour as well.

Egg Tempera:  It didn't work, but I'd made the lettering plate so had another go using acrylics - much better.  I just wanted to find out what would happen using different paints.

The lettering is childs foam lettering which you can stick onto paper etc.  I bought some ages ago, but didn't use it as I realized that everything would come out backward.  A doh moment I'm's exactly what you need for monoprinting!

I shan't be throwing the paper backings away either - screen printing masks!

I like the last best, combining layers of colour and printing, with the thistles.

I went on a walk yesterday afternoon across the fields and there were masses of these thistles. I love the way the leafy pointed bits go up around the outside of the seed head.  I shall have to do a bit more with these I think and develop those leaf shapes.