Sunday, 13 July 2014

A challenge? Right you're on!

I had a rather lovely surprise on Saturday when a small parcel arrived from my chum Laura Kemshall.   I had been planning to go to one of her workshops about Altered Books.  I regard her as a bit of a master of the Altered Book, so was sad when I had to cancel at the last moment.

Inside the parcel was a note, with a challenge to complete the enclosed altered book.

Intriguingly the parcel was wrapped in a map which had Alaska on one side and the States of Hawaii on the other. 

Inside the map layer was an old newspaper page.  It was the front page of the Walsall Advertiser from 25th June 1898 (priced at 1d!)  It had some fascinating adverts on one side and local news items on the other. The page is very fragile and had begun to break up as I unwrapped it, but this doesn't matter as I shall use it in the book.
Inside the map layer was a book for altering.  The selected poems of TS Elliot. 

Some cracking poems in it. Well, priceless in my book!

"O the moon shone bright on Mrs Porter, And on her daugher They wash their feet in soda water."

Well, yes, trez profound.

So my dear readers, the challenge is set, and I've decided to do my best and see what happens.  Do follow me if you'd like, as I recycle this book for fun.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do. Judith C

  2. How fun! Ca not wait to see what you do.

  3. That looks like it will be a lot of fun, if you can bear to cover some of the poems ;-)