Sunday, 13 July 2014

A spot of screenprinting

 I don't often teach these days, but was persuaded to as part of the exhibition Through Our Hands at Leamington Spa Art Gallery.

It's free machining - using your machine for mark making.

 As this exhibition is also aimed at non-quilters, it's possible that the people who have signed up will have no experience at all of free machining, or indeed sewing machines in general!  So it's a basics, with frills should someone feel the need to go further.

So I thought in addition to the other things I'm taking along, it might be nice to have practice cloth divided into areas for samples.

The silk screen here is quite large, and has been divided on the reverse by 1/4 inch masking tape.
 The procion dyes are thickened with manutex (I use about 5 tsps to 1 1/2pts water, which is a nice amount for a couple of metres of fabric)

I have been generous with my dye application because I didn't want to merge colours too much, and as such, there's a fair bit of wastage. (the wastage btw is a beautiful deep dark cherry red!)

The patterning on the screen is random blobs and swirls in different colours.  On the left is the screen after one pull through.  It needed more in places as I've got bits in the corner (below) which haven't been covered.
When it's all washed and ironed it will be a bit paler, but I have some nice threads to contrast with these colours...the idea is to see the patterns you've sewn!

Just a bit of fun I hope.


  1. very exciting and I know that frustration of running out of supplies. I am enjoying watching your ideas and creativity become...

  2. Oh bugger!! Always buy industrial quantites of white paint .. too frustrating otherwise x

  3. I NEVER seem to have enough of the thing I'm using. I buy lots of stuff, all the time, but still I run out!! I need to win the Lottery and keep a shed fully stacked.