Friday, 4 July 2014

Don't Come Dine With Me.

 I've been experimenting with how to get texture under foils and gold leaf.  I've been looking at Icons and loved the background textures.  The one on the left uses drips of pva glue, and below is the unsuccessful texture gel.

You have to wonder why I chose to decorate the experiment with raspberries - I have no idea; I was aiming for a pear.
I wonder if I was preoccupied with my experiments and wasn't concentrating when it came to cooking tea.  I'm not the best cook these days to be honest. We sat down to tea and neither DH nor I said a word.  About half way through I looked up and said "I shall be glad when this is finished" and DH said "perhaps microwaving might soften the vegetables".

2 days ago, we had a letter from the TV producers who do Come Dine With Me, asking if we'd like to take part.

What do you think?


  1. Not sure about CDWM but love the little frame! How did you get that oil on water effect?

  2. Thank you ladies! ltw, the effect is a gold leaf/foil. I've put the details on the facebook page with a link to the shop where I bought it. They have lots of different patterns and effects!

  3. I love the raspberries, (except that in my head I always hear a strong American RASbehreees for no good reason) and think they may be the new pear. As for CDWM - don't do it - edited specifically to make all participants look like twits - go for Portrait Artist of the Year instead!!

  4. I shall continue to paint RASbehrees then! x

  5. This post gave me such joy in so many ways. I love the cooking conundrum, are you deliberately getting worse so that someone else will take over? I have considered this as a strategy myself. Many tv programmes involving innocent members of the public are evil, but if you could work out a way to really mess them about, it would be brilliant. I must tell you about my meeting with Fanny Craddock one of these days.

  6. Rats, you've got me banged to rights Steph!! It's my pathetic attempt to stop altogether :) Sometimes I can do ok - the Christmas cake day was great with masses done and all's just that I have an intermittent fault that means occasionally I produce mostly inedible concoctions. Do you remember the Vicar of Dibley? There was a character there who did odd things with food, like put marmite in the chocolate icing. I'm heading down that pathway I fear. The left-over-roast-dinner- pizza was an especially memorable meal. Go on, I'm dying to know about you and Fanny Craddock!!

  7. I loved that character. I can't remember the wonderful concoctions but I know she did thought they were great, that's true eccentric creativity for you. I won't go into the FC thing, it involved me, her and the BBC. Not as grand as it sounds, if it indeed does, probably not, I was a mere gopher. But it was a gloriously hellish afternoon, which I can now look back on fondly, or something like that.

    1. Still sounds intriguing to me Steph! By all accounts she was a bit of a difficult person - given to drink and a bad temper! Life's rich pattern hey? x

  8. I second not only the hit and miss approach to fine dining at home, but also the full disclosure of Craddockgate

  9. Ha, Craddockgate, love it.


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