Friday, 18 July 2014

Gesso-ing altered book pages

I've had a busy day in the studio, beginning to paint Life 13 - The unProfessional Wife, but the light faded at about 5ish, so I stopped and watched the latest DMTV video and was inspired to do some altered book preparations instead. (Who needs to stop for dinner anyway?)

When I looked I have about 7 books at various stages, and another 5 waiting in the wings.  This is really useful as you can do several at the same time. Waiting for pages to dry is a pain if you're just sitting there, but if you can pick up another book and work on it, then it's much more fun and very productive.

This was a secret special page (or will be I hope) which now has opening doors/flaps all sewn on the machine for speed.  Thank you Laura/DMTV - I hadn't thought of doing this before!

I decided to take that idea and make a wobbly edge to this frame.  I love the illustrations in this book, and would like to keep one or two.  I can't keep them all or there wouldn't be a book to alter!!

Tearing pages in a graduated way to map flaps.

Folding over a page to make a pocket.

All the pages in these photos have now been gesso'd.  I like the strength it adds to torn pages, and I love just glimpses of text underneath.

When it's all dry, and I have another half an hour to spare, I'll crack on to the next stage. Hope you'll join me.

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