Friday, 4 July 2014

Going to Birmingham for the day

Had a great day out in Birmingham today and this included a bun fight at Jamie Oliver's which was excellent.  My tea came in this delightful teapot and I thought it was brilliant inspiration for the Six and Friends exhibition based on Oriental things.

The teapot is cast iron and has a container inside for your tea leaves which allows them to infuse but not to come out when you pour your tea.  I thought it was really pretty and asked where it came from. The waitress was able to find out that it came from Ikea!!  How surprizing is that?

Another wonderful thing about Birmingham are the markets.  The fruit and veg one is amazing and I wonder how the supermarkets manage to compete. 15 lemons = £1, 15 bananas = £1. (Not sure what to do with them all mind you!!)

 If you're following the other blog, then you'll have seen this picture of an oriental themed still life I thought I'd draw.

Well I've only had time to do a brief pen and ink drawing in a sketchbook, but here's where I've got to so far....


  1. Annabel - absolutely beautiful drawings.Can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. Thank you Linda - back to the paper piecing today, but this one is still on simmer! I really love the green and orange combination of the cloth and Chinese Lanterns.