Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mucking about

That sketchbook with the really strong pages is very good for piling on the paint, bleach, and whatever else you fancy.  I just had a bit of a play this morning using the bamboo idea for shapes, because they're nice and easy - just a series of rectangles and straight lines.  This really is just play and nothing considered at all, but there's scope for the landscape work perhaps.

Also, I've been playing with bleach because as a follower of DMTV, soft pastels and bleach are the latest programme, so why not? (below)

To be honest, I'd not used bleach before for sketchbook work, so was a little hesitant which is probably not the best approach. It's better to be bold and just do it!

I learned: don't mix paint with bleach before painting, it doesn't seem to work. The base paper colour doesn't matter, and to try different colours besides quink (which is all that was to hand this morning) for a more pleasing bleached colour. Underpainting with acrylics is great but don't get too fiddly.

And, I've also been continuing with sewing Life 10 - Leaf Mould.

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